Thursday, 23 August 2012

Freedom Jam @Habanero!

August 15. When the country celebrates the freedom in true spirit, I was all geared up for the same. The excitement and mood for celebration raised up to a different level when Habanero decided to celebrate this big day in it's own style. A truly Mexican Restaurant located in Whitefield, Bangalore.

 Habanero is a Texas restaurant serving world class food with brilliant Hospitality. Hospitality business as we all know is growing to a different level with Bangalore being it's major market, Mr. David and Mrs. Elizabeth Bowden David  the owner of  Habanero knows it well to place their baby at no 1. by their all time self indulgence to the place and unique features and ideas.
Habanero is the only place that indulges itself and organizes these kind of events. The Management sure climbs up that extra step to the ladder.
The place had inaugurate a special menu for the evening with American Barbecue, Budweiser, and much more. While I decided to stick to the regular menu and taste some vicious authentic Mexican food and Four Seasons Sangria. Mr. Anuj Thappa (General Manager) was extremely hospitable and made sure that every table that was occupied for the evening had a good time with no complaints. While getting a bit confused on the ordering side, Mr. Thappa took an initiative to order some Tex Mex delicacies. 

Reading my previous post you would know I am just not a Red wine person, but Sangria long back had change my perception over the same. Since then, while I am out with my girls I prefer my glass of Sangria over Chilled Beer. Four Seasons Sangria was again beautiful, Yes, I had the pitcher:)
Coming to the highlight of the Evening was live performance by The 12th Bar. The Band that just made mine and everyone sitting there's evening with such positive and vibrant energy. Everyone of us seem to enjoy with every beat of 12th Bar.

The 12th Bar
I am glad I was invited by the management, the online partner Spiritz & More for such a wonderful evening.
I think it's a must go place for a great and memorable evening with Friends and Family. Along with Food and Music lovers, the place is ideal spot for all the sport lovers too.
All you Bangaloreans don't miss this place that serves Classic TEX MEX drinks and Food and makes your evening a classic one with it's world class hospitality.

My favorite section of Habanero, I think it's beyond gorgeous.

 In the spirit of occasion :

And That's me!!!

It was indeed a great evening!
For more details and to know about the events organised in Habanero, visit:

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Chirpy Birthday!

Yes, this post has been immensely delayed. Traveling kept me busy with no access to internet. On the other hand I am home, back to hills (Gangtok) for a few days and I am in love with this city all over again. 
The week that was long awaited had finally arrive. The Birthday week! Well honestly I couldn't understand whether the birthday excitement was getting me jump around places or if I was too happy knowing my favorite people were coming down.  The week was absolutely gorgeous, meeting people and hitting best places in town. Let me not rant about it much, would leave you with a few pictures from the day before birthday! I was in quest for a perfect animal print dress since quite a while now, and I did find one!!!! The dress has now become my hero for the season. From lazy Sunday brunches to casual day out my eyes look for this gorgeous dress.  Also, I incorporated a colorful necklace with owl hanging to the dress. Well the caption suits quite a bit with the post.

Aren't they gorgeous! I love them.

I am wearing:
Dress : Only
Necklace : Pramod
Shoes & Bag : Gangtok (Local Market)
Glasses : Vero Moda

On the same day I happen to visit Traders Vic's for lunch, serving people since 1934 with the world class food, service and decor. Post on the same on the way.
All you food lovers, are you ready for some vicious and scrumptious post? Well, I am quiet excited!