Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sunshine Effect!

When things go finally the way you want, the perfect Job, Festive mood, joy of about to see your loved ones and lots of laughter. Suddenly the door is knocked, lazily I move down of my warm cozy bed and guess what? Who is it, oops sorry not who but what? Yes, Thundering chilly wind with a bit of rain and in course of time snow flakes. It's getting cold and colder everyday, the temperature is getting into minus slowly. I wonder what would coming months be like. Trench coats, calf boots woolen caps are all out and when I look into my wardrobe I want to wear all those bright summer clothes and walk down the garden. Mother Nature heard me. Yay:-) Sun smiled at me while I traveled to a city few hours away from my home. With the cool breeze passing by, I thoroughly enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Can't wait to go to siliguri tomorrow   (small city in West Bengal) and relax under the sun, though I am still shaking of this trip as have a Dental appointment. Anyways coming back as I mentioned walking down the garden was my fantasy at this point of year with bright clothes in, I did manage to wear one of them and not the garden of course but walked down the street, free without the bulkiness of heavy cardigans and coats:-)  I wore a floral dress from local boutique here with my belt from zara which is my savior most of the times, to compliment it I added the shoes from Charles and Keith and the perfect bag which was gifted by B.F.F. (Thankyou, the pictures are clicked keeping in mind, you asked me to pose wit the bag :-)).

Well, don't misunderstand me as I am complaining about the cold and the falling temperature, because I prefer winters more than summer. But there are times, when you are too bugged and exhausted of the same climate and then you need a pinch of sunshine. Also, why I like the wintery sun effect (I hope you got it, hahahahahah) is the joy of eating oranges :-) Sadly, its very cold today so no oranges but some hot coffee and warm atmosphere. Enjoy the weather guys, and don't forget to be warm!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Because you are my Favriote:-)

Hello everyone! How's the weekend going? Mine is absolutely smooth not because I am having a Girls night out or have some major plans but, I am working. Yay:-) I am back to work after a decade and absolutely filled with joy. Yes, work and joy on a weekend! Well, today's post is quiet personal but I am sure you will all enjoy reading this and might take a look to your memories. The post is dedicated to my best friend. 
From high school to grown up's, from absolute mad love for each other to disaster arguments :-), from sharing and laughing over the most lame jokes to discussing the severe issues of life she has always been right there to support me when I had no hopes left, hold my hand and ask me to step forward when I was quiet stimulated and shaken up from things in life, to transfer my name into those cute and the shortest form ever and to be my The Best Friend forever! I love you "Shreya Kalra". She is a lady I have always looked upon for every important and not so important things of my life. I think the phrase "Beauty with Brains" is so meant for her, with finest and abundant knowledge and intelligence from her core subject to fashion, she is my winner for any  pageant. She has always inspired me and continues to do so! Her, casualness and thought of living life and  idealistic approach towards it has always flaunt me. The love and concern coming in every minute and in all occasions from this gorgeous lady matters to me a lot and helps me to move forward in life:-) Her choice for food makes me hungry all the time and the choice for her clothes to accessories makes me fall in love with her. Basically, I love her! Few pictures of us together:-)

From the place where it all began! 

Mocha Sessions:-) How we loved it!

The Joy of meeting!
 Isn't it a beautiful friendship! It's now been 5 years we have moved out of high school and residing in different cities but the friendship goes strong every day! I am going into flashback and bag of memories. This, is all coming in from my side today! Seeking to your stories of friendship! Take care and Cherish the beautiful friendship!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Marriage Bling!

There was a marriage in the house 2 days back, the marriage that had all it needs. The perfect bride and groom, with perfect people around and perfect day, 4th of December 2011! It was my Best friend's, elder sister's Big day and I had to be there! Also, I was quiet excited for the day because apart the wedding it was a Big day for Priya's (B.F.F) little brother too, who is residing in all our hearts.
 As, it was a Nepali wedding there was a little more curiosity in me to see their traditions and the culture flow. It was simply gorgeous. Weddings itself holds that emotion in it and knowing the bride and the family so well, I couldn't stop myself from basking into it! The ceremony was taken place in the morning followed by a get together and cake cutting ceremony  for our little one. The evening rolled in with friends, family, lots of laughter and after party thoughts:-) The resort where ceremony was held later in the evening was ideal with comfortable and quiet ease arrangements. The night was freezing but, the idyllic decision of Born fire did not let our energy die off and got everyone of us on floor on the beats of Nepali track! It was a beautiful evening. Sadly, I could not click much pictures but there is one of the gorgeous Bride!

Isn't she looking pretty? Coming to what I wore for the ceremony was the combination of green and black kurta wit golden embellishments! There is picture below with Priya!

This is my favorite picture from the wedding afternoon! What do you all think of it?
Hope you guys enjoyed reading this piece, well I enjoyed every bit of it! For now, i am quiet filled with joy and emotions. All you lovely people take care!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Kolkata - Part 2

Hello everyone. I am yet back again with another post related to kolkata. I just cant get enough of the city! By, this time I was almost done with all my tests and doctor stuff except the reports was to be collected. I was quiet happy, the phase of running down the clinics and waiting for the Doctors for hours was finally over. The vacation mood was on and I was ready to go around the places. Watching Adventures of Tintin was the most prior thing to do, which was ignored but then I finally made it. The movie was full of laughs, and bought flashes of childhood again. I personally feel, it had some of the best animation put on the big screen. I absolutely enjoyed the movie and hope all you guys did it too. After the movie, went to "Perter Cat" one of the oldest and most popular restaurant in kolkata. The restaurant is a mix of both Indian and continental menu and famous for its kebabs and sizzlers. I simply love the food here and is definitely good worth a money. It is quiet inexpensive, with unique atmosphere and quirk dress code of the servers. The only thing I dislike about this place is, there is always a huge Que to get in and gets a little cramped when running busy. I still like Peter cat and do not hesitate to wait for my turn and get a table. It's a must visit place, anyone travelling to kolkata should should give it a try. And the best part is, its located right in the centre of the city. So, there is not a sight of confusion or trouble finding it.
Because, it was Tintin and sizzlers time I preferred the comfort of my waist coat and ripped denims. Have a look!

With this, it was day 2 when I got the chance and time to go to my patent places. Anybody been to Peter Cat before? Share your experiences! Well, this is all for now you guys take care and be warm. 

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

City of Joy!

Hello everyone! I am back from the city of joy "kolkata". After a week of too many activities in kolkata I am back to hills and just not liking the weather. It's chilling and I am wrapped up in my comforter. For, most of the people kolkata doesn't sound very interesting but, the city is full of surprises for me on my every visit. I have special bonds with the place and strings attached to it of several reasons. The reason for my visit to the city now was health, had an appointment with the doctor. Apart that, moving across the streets to jump on delicious variety of street food with incredible line of produce and exceptional quality in addition to street shopping with that is always fun! Kolkata is known for it, and is highly recommended!
Because I love kolkata and visited the city after 3 whole months, there had to be a Toast. And when its a toast it has to be "Aqua" located in the The Park! Aqua is one of the best places in town, and absolutely makes my day and get me smiling through out. The place holds quiet a lot of emotions to me and Akshay, this is definitely our place. The place offers quiet a defined menu with International flavors, Hookah's, grilled delicacies, much organised seating plan and Bartender's at their best. The evening could not have been any better than this. Thank you Manch:-)
For now, I am missing Kolkata too much and freezing out in this weather! You guys, be warm and enjoy the love around you!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Coin shoes!

Hello lovely people! Coin Shoes, surprised by the name? Well the secret to it is, I recently bought a pair of ballet flats which is embedded with coin type material! So, I named it " The Coin Shoes". I know quiet lame logic! The excitement of wearing them for the planned vacation did not work, because my vacation itself was cancelled due to unfortunate circumstances at home. I was bitterly disappointed about the whole incidence with a strange unpleasant feeling. Anyways, not basking into the situation and coming to my love for ballet flats this season is growing everyday. I walk down the market with a list of things to buy and  with no ignorance  to limited budget of course. But guess what? I have a new pair of ballet in my bag at the end of the day! yippee! Yes, and the the drama begins! Well sparing you gorgeous people with it, I have clicked the picture of the shoes! Have a look:-)

How's the ballet? I think its really gorgeous and gives compliment to any piece of cloth. As, flipping the pages of fashion magazines seems like the togetherness of golden and black is taking over all the fashion charts and market. I have one too in my wardrobe now:-)
 Time restricts me for now, therefore that's all from my side today! You guys take care and be warm. 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy Me!

        Hello!!! I am quiet happy and excited, Yay Well some of you might think the reasons are not quiet fascinating, but if you know me I get the joy of life with little things around me. In, today's case I made Vegetable Au gratin and guess what the white sauce was just cooked to the perfection (Food Production skills). Finally trying it out since weeks I made it. I am so happy for this little venture and achievement of mine. I guess, I deserve some compliment for myself :-) Coming, to another direction of my happiness is that I got to see my little bag that contained little pretty thing called hair accessorize! Not so made up but I had that smile on my face when I saw them and pitied myself thinking why I haven't been wearing them. I know, The place where I stay is exactly not meant for loading yourself with these beautiful pieces and walk down. Believe me, you will find yourself to be an alien! oops, I still love my Home land:-)
Any ways I have a few pictures of my favorite ones, and I am extremely delighted to be the proud owner of them:-)
Lace, Pearl, Crystal, Polka dots! All in one! I love it totally!
- Accessorize

Straw hat with big flower attached, Die for!
- New Look

Very elegant! - Gifted!

My favriote! All time wear. Hairband - Accessorize
Hair clip - Gifted!

60's!!! The best part is the wire holding inside is so good it can easily take any shape!
 - Local Market!

Florals, bows and lots of sequence and studs!
- New Look

Aren't they pretty, I know the market is flooded with gorgeous stuff and I need to update my bag of goodies  but also these pieces are quiet precious to me. And, I decide them to take along with me for the upcoming vacation:-) The most awaited vacation in a long long time!
Thinking all of you there, liked the post I would now go and have my Vegetable Au gratin if there is any:-)
Love you, Be safe and take care!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Its Freezing already!

Calf Boots, Chunky cable knit sweaters, trench coats, perfect hat and a scarf! I am ready to deal with the winters. Well I am not too sure this time. Its just November, and Sikkim already witnessed  its first snowfall towards the North. Woh! Its freezing in here and is taking a lot of effort literally for me to even move out out of bed. For now, all that I need is a mug of tea, some warmth and my comforter:-)
I wonder if I put on my thick pea coats and knee length boots now,coming months are gonna get really tough on me! Therefore, have planned for some lightweight sweater and sweats shopping with a friend this evening :-) Anyways in another way I am quiet excited too for the winters to approach, for the simple reasons like being cozy, yummylicious food, sipping hot coffee while its freezing outside (how romantic, spare me) wearing fancy winter accessories,  and of course I get to finally wear my obsession from the last season shopping. "Faux fur handbag from River Island and a hat to go along". I have been waiting for this, and finally today I'll carry along with me while I go out. Yay! I am quiet happy and it gives me a reason to smile in this depressing weather for now. It gives me strength to go out ;-) Here is a picture,

So guys what do you think of the bag and the woolen hat? I agree the picture is not clear and either of the good quality but no option for the time. As, the temperature is going down, and my body is going cold I submit here for the day. You guys take care and be warm!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Month full of energy!

Hello everyone! How was Diwali celebration? Must be exciting! Mine was no different. Yay Yay, was home for Diwali after a decade and totally loved it! Diyas, Traditions, Crackers, relatives and all of it! I totally love it! Sometimes I just adore to be an Indian! LOL! Oh yes yes, with lots of excitement I celebrated Bhai Duj this year and  loved it. Fasting for my little brother, decorating the Diya, preparing colorful tika to apply on this forehead, praying for him and indeed in return lots of presents. Who would not like it? I simply do:-) I had an absolute perfect Diwali this year for me. Coming to what I wore for the perfect Occasion was a gorgeous   Black kurta with  golden embellishments and had accessorized with golden cuff from veromoda and ethnic golden neck piece from Aldo accessories:-) Here is a picture from Diwali  hope you all would like it.

Well apart Diwali, I had a great vacation to Nepal last week. Friends, cousins the Nepalese delicacies and of course lots of shopping is always fun. I am back now with lots of positive energy and quiet certain about what I need to do. I feel so good about it. Nevertheless, I am till nervous and quiet shattered with the entire earthquake thing that took place last moth here in Sikkim and is still continuing with mild tremors. Hope the things will fall in place soon and help us to overcome its fear. well well no getting emotional people because its time for me to show my new love for this season. " Embellished ballerinas", if you see the embellishment makes a a pretty rose:-) Its elegant, gorgeous and pairs up with every possible outfit.

Isn't it gorgeous? Well I am planning to wear this piece for every important and so so important occasions for now:-) I am happy. And, with a happy note, stay safe and keep up the positive energy!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Thoughts and more!

Woh! I am back quiet early this time. The rise of new thought you see, and the music flows (such a drama queen)! The weekend has almost begun and I am sure all of you must be wrapped up with plans, trips and things to go on. I have mine too, sadly not as interesting as yours but planning to meet few people and act mature. "Act Mature" well what do I mean, I have been thinking about few things quiet lately. About life, violence, love and things accompanied with it! I have understood, two important things that is the balance of life and other being two individual can never have same temperament. There are people in our lives, we love, we don't like, few intolerable and few can die for.
My thought here is, Can we all not try and make a sincere effort to feel positive and like things and people around us. I know it can get quiet difficult knowing that you cannot, may be flashing back the old memories or a personal touch ;-) or you just don't want to. There are and can be multiple reasons to not be humble to an individual but why do we forget, things sooner or later will have come to an end for all of us. It's depressing I know, but is the biggest truth of life. Tomorrow is quiet uncertain, don't make your relations uncertain. Out of a personal experience I have realized at the end all you have to live is with memories. If it is that, don't you all think living everyday with violent and regretful sight of collection of an individual would make you happy?
This weekend I am meeting all my loved and not so loved ones, and building up the courage to say Either I am sorry and I am up for a new start or say I love you :-) Are, you all thinking about it too. I felt good and hoping you will too. I don't want for myself to be haunted and regret all my life why did I not made a first attempt or thinking all my life was I not worth enough to be someone's dear. After all a great man once told me  one would speak, behave and react  in the boundaries of knowledge he or she possess. Moral, you cannot change someone's attitude but the best is not to react and smile and love! Also, no offence but a piece of advice  for all who thinks its not worth and reacts to every situation - "Always love the dumb".
I want to live my life with good memories from every corner, with sense of respect and with no thoughts of evil, envy and hatred! Life is short, don't make it shorter! Live and laugh with every individual you know! Don't you think it quiet matches the phrase " Har ek Insaan jarrori hota hai" hahahaha!
Please ask this lady to stop, I know I realized! And I zip up with my moral thoughts! Oh, are you all not freaking out of the rising of prices. It's killing me and many like me. The Budget Guru has left the common man with the failure in managing their personal budget. Seems like now the government has no means of Income (Thank you to the common man lord "Anna") the government will now build and progress their future with theses strategy and subsidies! God help us!
I have said enough today hoping few of you will take things into consideration! Take care and Be safe:-)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Other side!

Hello Everyone!
It's been 2 months I have not posted anything. Too many and too much happened around, from career to health struggle, from adventure to sulken trips, from meeting new people to loosing some! But, today I couldn't help myself other than to open up my blog, the reason behind I feel helpless!
Oops, correction helpless well not the word but I feel more positive towards the unfair life! Yes, after an incident that just occurred I believe (quiet Bollywood throw yet) When destiny awaits,things have to happen.  so why to think about it and make our lives worthless! Well I am sorry of being a little confused, emotional  despite I know blog is a happy place. Too late, though I have quiet realized the balance of life and,  understand things have to go on and I have to pull my myself and move!
Enough of my self consoling therapy, but I feel better putting down those words. Bear with me please! Anyways, I am up after 2 long months and I have too much to share! Firstly, The exclusive birthday month, which included bag full of surprises and pocket full of sunshine:-) and a lot of adventure. Oops, missed my flight twice and train once, I still cant figure out Why and how did that shit happen in one week! Yes, you heard it right. In between 7 days. Apart that sour spoon of cream I also had quiet good delecasies like meeting my best friend, seeing my childhood buddies, shopping, hitting the best places in 3 cities. yes, it all happened in span of 7 days!
That was the good side of long vacation, now coming down to not very good part is my struggle for health. Unfortunately my body has started acting wierd at times and Mr. Doctor says rest is the cure! People who know me can understand well, why is it taking time for me to heal then:-) (hate to be on bed literally). Am I that old? Huh, no!
Anyways apart health, things keeping me away from all the beautiful things around was struggle towards my career! It's a long long story! May be next time!!! But for now, I have to tell you about my newest and most craziest  love " cheese cakes" :-) I drool over them! Yes, particularly with Brownie cheese cake from coffee bean and tea leaf. The last week I was in kolkata and was not a day I did not order them:-) My new love that brings smile on my face on any occasion (Sorry Manch)! So, I guess you guys now know what can make me love you! hahahahahahahahaah!
Sorry,  but the last piece of cake, and my favorite flavor was fed to me on 4th September when Me and Akshay completed Year 5! Because its, a tradition to jump on Italian delicacy we went to Little Italy in Kolkata! With the most comfortable ambiance and decor to laid back couches and perfect seating plan, It had the best baked mash potatoes and wood burn pizzas with easy going house wines! I am definitely going there on my next visit to kolkata! Though its only vegetarian but it's worth the pay! I do not have much pictures of the trips but i do have one of 4th september:-) Have a look!

I know too much to handle at once! Sorry! So, with a happy note I would like to sign off here for today! And yes, please be safe the world outside is quiet ugly and I fear! Take care!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

MAC Magic!

Hi to all! For, now and past 2 days I am suffering from quiet a stint headache due to some complicated stuff happening around and dealing with it! But, also much excitement is flowing all around me as I would leave for Kolkata tomorrow for a 2 day tour and get to see Akshay! Butterflies! There is so much to do, shopping for sister's wedding, catching up with few old friends, some Interviews lined up. And i just have 2 days! i dont know how will I manage! Anyways, topic today suggests Mac...No no not the apple mac my friends, but the mac eye concealer! It does wonders! Believe me! When I woke up this morning, thinking about what is been happening around and splashed some fresh water, I was stunned looking at the amount of dark circles I have developed. Another stress! hahahahaahahahah! Luckily, I had the Goddess Mac! A little application of it did wonders. I was not left with any dark patch under my eye! Woh, I am applying that little piece of heaven every day now and definitely carrying it everywhere!! Just that it does not contain much moisture and is quiet dry, so I tried mixing up with my daily moisture cream!
Also, for people having dry skin can try Mac moisture cover. I think you should definitely give it a try, if you have complaints against dark circles! It worked for me though!
moisture cover
Well, I guess am gonna miss this writing and sharing part for a few days from now! Hope, I get to do all the things I planned for my kolkata trip! Untill then, all you gorgeous people have a great time!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Depressing Sulky Weather!

How you lovely people have been? Must be all packed with your Sunday plans! The day we all love.Well, I had plans too :-( Yes, had! But, this never ending rain have ruined up the whole day! "Gangtok" my home town can never bless us with some sunshine and to add with more complications, has started to give Continuous rain, hail and thunderstorms!
I know most of you think, what a perfect place and weather! Perfect to be under your lazy comforter, with a mug of ginger tea and some melting delicacies! But, cancelling your plans and pretending to be in love with this depressing weather is so not happening! I love Rain though, but in this extent with addition of chilliness....I would prefer burning down under heat, m serious! Well, my awesome plans for some Shopping with cousin and then  Hookah (sheesha) plans with my childhood friend just cancelled. Yes, I agree to the fact that things like Umbrella, Rain boots and Raincoats exits but don't forget Gangtok is a hill station, and I am located on top of the hills. Major advantage but serious disadvantage, the roads are quiet slippery followed by three incidents happened this morning. So not very safe, walking down the hill!
Anyways, coming to my plans we postpone it to tomorrow but again o'course my luck! Weather forecast :
Today: Rain
Tomorrow: Heavy Rain
Day After: Super Heavy Rain (warnings issued).
Rain rain go away and please don't come for a little while! I hope, something comes up and I don't have to spend my Sunday doing nothing or something usual! You guys have an awesome day ahead :-)
P.S: It's just been a day I have started blogging, and I totally love it! I can pour out my heart, and in today's case my depression!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hello Beautiful people!

Well as I sit back on my couch every morning pondering about what I am doing today, I decided to fiddle around with my Trunk on this lousy sad morning! Who does that? Anyways, as I was fiddling I came across old pictures, greeting cards and my Sponge Bob Blog (Tale of 4 Friends). Unfolding its pages, I kept reading until the last word.The memories flowed and wrapped the whole room with emotions, Apart my eyes started to melt down, Realization dawned upon me actually an Idea I say! The idea of blogging all over again. What if the pages of my blog is over, there is with its endless pages! And here i go:-)
I am not good playing in with fancy words or putting in the right vocabulary but just flow with my thoughts. I also don't possess fancy eating habits or entertainment factors! Oops, I do not hold great achievement for fashion too (regardless of what people think of my fashion sense). So, what is this blog all about? Confused! Ask me! Well my readers this blog will definitely be the extension of my Sponge Bob Blog (much affection), that is one part but will also talk about love, laughter, and all beautiful, crazy things in and around me.

Sponge Bob!
So I guess Happy Blogging:-))) And not to forget Thank you Sponge Bob and its much loved Members!