Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy Me!

        Hello!!! I am quiet happy and excited, Yay Well some of you might think the reasons are not quiet fascinating, but if you know me I get the joy of life with little things around me. In, today's case I made Vegetable Au gratin and guess what the white sauce was just cooked to the perfection (Food Production skills). Finally trying it out since weeks I made it. I am so happy for this little venture and achievement of mine. I guess, I deserve some compliment for myself :-) Coming, to another direction of my happiness is that I got to see my little bag that contained little pretty thing called hair accessorize! Not so made up but I had that smile on my face when I saw them and pitied myself thinking why I haven't been wearing them. I know, The place where I stay is exactly not meant for loading yourself with these beautiful pieces and walk down. Believe me, you will find yourself to be an alien! oops, I still love my Home land:-)
Any ways I have a few pictures of my favorite ones, and I am extremely delighted to be the proud owner of them:-)
Lace, Pearl, Crystal, Polka dots! All in one! I love it totally!
- Accessorize

Straw hat with big flower attached, Die for!
- New Look

Very elegant! - Gifted!

My favriote! All time wear. Hairband - Accessorize
Hair clip - Gifted!

60's!!! The best part is the wire holding inside is so good it can easily take any shape!
 - Local Market!

Florals, bows and lots of sequence and studs!
- New Look

Aren't they pretty, I know the market is flooded with gorgeous stuff and I need to update my bag of goodies  but also these pieces are quiet precious to me. And, I decide them to take along with me for the upcoming vacation:-) The most awaited vacation in a long long time!
Thinking all of you there, liked the post I would now go and have my Vegetable Au gratin if there is any:-)
Love you, Be safe and take care!


  1. they are lovely. n pls share the recipe of grating with me.. plssssss

  2. Ya Nikki food production skills .... Right!

  3. I love the post,and I most definitely heart ALL the hair bands.Nicely done.And with that,I am hungry,pass me some of your scrumptious gratin please?

  4. Thanx Nidz! Will pas on the recipe soon<3 and the vacation is sadly cancelled:-(
    Thankyou anounceofeternity! Your feedback is much appreciated! It definitely encourages!