Wednesday, 30 November 2011

City of Joy!

Hello everyone! I am back from the city of joy "kolkata". After a week of too many activities in kolkata I am back to hills and just not liking the weather. It's chilling and I am wrapped up in my comforter. For, most of the people kolkata doesn't sound very interesting but, the city is full of surprises for me on my every visit. I have special bonds with the place and strings attached to it of several reasons. The reason for my visit to the city now was health, had an appointment with the doctor. Apart that, moving across the streets to jump on delicious variety of street food with incredible line of produce and exceptional quality in addition to street shopping with that is always fun! Kolkata is known for it, and is highly recommended!
Because I love kolkata and visited the city after 3 whole months, there had to be a Toast. And when its a toast it has to be "Aqua" located in the The Park! Aqua is one of the best places in town, and absolutely makes my day and get me smiling through out. The place holds quiet a lot of emotions to me and Akshay, this is definitely our place. The place offers quiet a defined menu with International flavors, Hookah's, grilled delicacies, much organised seating plan and Bartender's at their best. The evening could not have been any better than this. Thank you Manch:-)
For now, I am missing Kolkata too much and freezing out in this weather! You guys, be warm and enjoy the love around you!

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  1. Yes the place is special... Very special indeed;). .. N u r soo welcome sweetheart.. Come back fast so that we can do everything all over again!!!