Friday, 2 December 2011

Kolkata - Part 2

Hello everyone. I am yet back again with another post related to kolkata. I just cant get enough of the city! By, this time I was almost done with all my tests and doctor stuff except the reports was to be collected. I was quiet happy, the phase of running down the clinics and waiting for the Doctors for hours was finally over. The vacation mood was on and I was ready to go around the places. Watching Adventures of Tintin was the most prior thing to do, which was ignored but then I finally made it. The movie was full of laughs, and bought flashes of childhood again. I personally feel, it had some of the best animation put on the big screen. I absolutely enjoyed the movie and hope all you guys did it too. After the movie, went to "Perter Cat" one of the oldest and most popular restaurant in kolkata. The restaurant is a mix of both Indian and continental menu and famous for its kebabs and sizzlers. I simply love the food here and is definitely good worth a money. It is quiet inexpensive, with unique atmosphere and quirk dress code of the servers. The only thing I dislike about this place is, there is always a huge Que to get in and gets a little cramped when running busy. I still like Peter cat and do not hesitate to wait for my turn and get a table. It's a must visit place, anyone travelling to kolkata should should give it a try. And the best part is, its located right in the centre of the city. So, there is not a sight of confusion or trouble finding it.
Because, it was Tintin and sizzlers time I preferred the comfort of my waist coat and ripped denims. Have a look!

With this, it was day 2 when I got the chance and time to go to my patent places. Anybody been to Peter Cat before? Share your experiences! Well, this is all for now you guys take care and be warm. 


  1. Amazing Indian .. Good sizzlers( according to Kolkata ) and good conti... Nice place Peter cat.. N yes tin tin too is a great movie!!

  2. I have been to peter cat too. It's a very famous restaurant. Good food I must say but too crowded

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