Saturday, 26 May 2012

Flovour-Y Paradise Part - 2

I am back:) As, I mentioned in the previous post here, that how I have been in love with Food and places in Bangalore here's another Luscious food post and yet another wonderful place I visited! Woh, I quiet like the fact that the blog is taking a new turn being past few posts on food, places and of course clothing too. So, on day 3 we decided to go to UB City located in Lavelle road Bangalore. The motive of the visit was to meet a friend, some shopping and to treat ourselves with some scrumptious Wine and Italian delicacy. And of course one says it right, you should just not plan. With the weather being perfectly brilliant, the boys decided for open seating throwing in some justifications. That made us land to City Bar there, located on the roof top with open seating, relaxed atmosphere, large screen television that sets the mood. I could actually relate City Bar to Polo Club located in The Oberoi Bangalore being the seating plan, the service pattern and it's laid back yet easy going atmosphere quiet similar. The crowd you see would be both native and expats, enjoying their drink over conversation, watching IPL on the big screen and lots of laughter. The service on other hand was a little slow, so I wonder what would weekends be like? Nevertheless, I enjoyed my afternoon accompanied by chilled beer, some toothsome food and the company. Coming to food section, I had some amazing experience. Completely in love with every preparation they served us, can't wait to go there again:)
A few pictures from the place and a bit of self indulgence ;)

Caesar's salad with Tandoori chicken.

Flafel and Hummus flat bread.
Garlic and Herb Mash potato.

Arabic spiced chicken, Lebanese bread with an olive oil and garlic dip.

Mug of chilled Beer, and the hazy me.

For the much relaxed afternoon, I wore this gorgeous top picked from Zara last summer with Denims from Gap and the blue symmetrical clutch, also carried here. This particular top is one of my favorites, of it's print, the gorgeous neck and how it pairs up with every possible piece of clothing from denims to shorts to trousers!!!
What do you think?
Anyways, doesn't the food look gorgeous. Believe me when I say, it was heavenly. The hummus and the mash was the best part. All, you lovely people residing in Bangalore must give the place a try.
Also they have power lunch on weekdays, quiet appealing deals they have.Do try:) It's worth!

Have a lovely weekend guys!!!
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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Flavor-Y Paradise - Part 1

I know the post has been delayed but, have been suffering from major eye infection:( So, hooking to system was definitely not a good idea! How have all you guys been?
So, I am sure most of you now know I am in Bangalore and I have been in love with Food and places here. Well that obviously spoils me and in result, leaves me cribbing while I have to stay back home and eat (happens most of the time). Anyways the following post is from the same time when loved ones were in town, details in previous post here. I like to term Bangalore as The Beer city, in fact why not? The city has it's own microbrewery called The Biere Club serving 6 varieties of Beer called Ale, Stout, Lager, Wheat, Seasonal and Club Special. Because I was accompanied with a few food lovers and Hoteliers, we began with the tasting session of beer that they serve. I quiet like the concept as most of us cannot differentiate  the type hence, this is the perfect way to know the difference amongst the varieties. The company was definitely having immense conversation about the beer and its making with enjoying every gulp of it. I personally liked Club Special, light to drink but heavy on head ;) But, I tell you what a great experience having consumed beer in the same place it's brewed! Fresh, Robust with pleasant texture, for myself I can term it as Estery. Coming to food it was good, could have been lot better.

Tasting session. Love the shots!
Club Special.
Crispy fried cheesy garlic mushrooms.
Grilled chicken and Fontina Plank Pizza from wood fried oven.

Enjoying the beer while watching the sight!
It was indeed one of the most amazing evenings I had, and one of the best Beer houses I visited:) Well, I now go often there. All you Beer Lovers in Bangalore or planning to visit the city must give it a try.
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P.S: Another Flavor-y post on your way:) With some more Food, Conversation and pictures!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Re - Lived the Past!

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It's 2 months now that I have been in Bangalore and honestly I am still helping myself to settle in this city. For various reasons of course, but I guess I will hold on to it. Since a few days I have been missing city of Joy -  "Kolkata" quiet a bit. The city where I learned the most, met the most amazing people who are still connected to my heart, where I discovered a new side of me and lived most of my days being happy. Even after stay and time of being in this city was over for me, I continued to travel to kolkata every month of some random reason. I have my strings attached to this place emotionally and recon shall never get enough of it. I miss every bit of the city! I think Kolkata loves me equally, no wonder it had send out packages to me with my most desired things from the city:) Also coming to the much bigger news, loved ones from Kolkata flew to Bangalore too to see me. Happy much!
The weekend then had to be in my favor with lots of love, laughter, shopping, conversations and Food. Apart all the usual stuff I must tell you, exploring places for food and reviewing it was probably the major criteria of loved ones to visit Bangalore. Nevertheless, it was "The" most amazing weekend ever.
I am extremely glad about the fact that, the following days witnessed amazing weather with some showering and pleasant breeze. Seems, like the sun had disappear just to make my days even better:) While I was the tourist guide for the season Nando's located in Church street was no.1 on my list. The reason being while we were in U.K, Nando's was our home. The love for Peri Peri chicken can never be transformed or decrease for us hence, while I spotted it here in Bangalore we had to visit.
Coming to what I wore was very casual, comfortable, chic nothing flashy and perfect for the weather. Florals have been a great hit this season and I personally love every pattern of it. And, who would not like when florals also have a hint of net border and embellishments. I do. I was in love with the sheer shirt shown below, when I first saw them from a distance and grabbed it that very moment without a thought. And, I don't regret a bit about it.
What do you guys think?
Well this post and a few coming ones would be flooded with pictures because, he loves food and I like to
pose ;)

 I am wearing:
Floral Shirt & Bag : Thrifted
Jeans: New Look
Accessories : Here & There
Doesn't the food look  ymmylicious:) I am all set to go to Nando's again and make my weekend fun!
What are all you lovelies doing for the weekend?
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