Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sunshine Effect!

When things go finally the way you want, the perfect Job, Festive mood, joy of about to see your loved ones and lots of laughter. Suddenly the door is knocked, lazily I move down of my warm cozy bed and guess what? Who is it, oops sorry not who but what? Yes, Thundering chilly wind with a bit of rain and in course of time snow flakes. It's getting cold and colder everyday, the temperature is getting into minus slowly. I wonder what would coming months be like. Trench coats, calf boots woolen caps are all out and when I look into my wardrobe I want to wear all those bright summer clothes and walk down the garden. Mother Nature heard me. Yay:-) Sun smiled at me while I traveled to a city few hours away from my home. With the cool breeze passing by, I thoroughly enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Can't wait to go to siliguri tomorrow   (small city in West Bengal) and relax under the sun, though I am still shaking of this trip as have a Dental appointment. Anyways coming back as I mentioned walking down the garden was my fantasy at this point of year with bright clothes in, I did manage to wear one of them and not the garden of course but walked down the street, free without the bulkiness of heavy cardigans and coats:-)  I wore a floral dress from local boutique here with my belt from zara which is my savior most of the times, to compliment it I added the shoes from Charles and Keith and the perfect bag which was gifted by B.F.F. (Thankyou, the pictures are clicked keeping in mind, you asked me to pose wit the bag :-)).

Well, don't misunderstand me as I am complaining about the cold and the falling temperature, because I prefer winters more than summer. But there are times, when you are too bugged and exhausted of the same climate and then you need a pinch of sunshine. Also, why I like the wintery sun effect (I hope you got it, hahahahahah) is the joy of eating oranges :-) Sadly, its very cold today so no oranges but some hot coffee and warm atmosphere. Enjoy the weather guys, and don't forget to be warm!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Because you are my Favriote:-)

Hello everyone! How's the weekend going? Mine is absolutely smooth not because I am having a Girls night out or have some major plans but, I am working. Yay:-) I am back to work after a decade and absolutely filled with joy. Yes, work and joy on a weekend! Well, today's post is quiet personal but I am sure you will all enjoy reading this and might take a look to your memories. The post is dedicated to my best friend. 
From high school to grown up's, from absolute mad love for each other to disaster arguments :-), from sharing and laughing over the most lame jokes to discussing the severe issues of life she has always been right there to support me when I had no hopes left, hold my hand and ask me to step forward when I was quiet stimulated and shaken up from things in life, to transfer my name into those cute and the shortest form ever and to be my The Best Friend forever! I love you "Shreya Kalra". She is a lady I have always looked upon for every important and not so important things of my life. I think the phrase "Beauty with Brains" is so meant for her, with finest and abundant knowledge and intelligence from her core subject to fashion, she is my winner for any  pageant. She has always inspired me and continues to do so! Her, casualness and thought of living life and  idealistic approach towards it has always flaunt me. The love and concern coming in every minute and in all occasions from this gorgeous lady matters to me a lot and helps me to move forward in life:-) Her choice for food makes me hungry all the time and the choice for her clothes to accessories makes me fall in love with her. Basically, I love her! Few pictures of us together:-)

From the place where it all began! 

Mocha Sessions:-) How we loved it!

The Joy of meeting!
 Isn't it a beautiful friendship! It's now been 5 years we have moved out of high school and residing in different cities but the friendship goes strong every day! I am going into flashback and bag of memories. This, is all coming in from my side today! Seeking to your stories of friendship! Take care and Cherish the beautiful friendship!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Marriage Bling!

There was a marriage in the house 2 days back, the marriage that had all it needs. The perfect bride and groom, with perfect people around and perfect day, 4th of December 2011! It was my Best friend's, elder sister's Big day and I had to be there! Also, I was quiet excited for the day because apart the wedding it was a Big day for Priya's (B.F.F) little brother too, who is residing in all our hearts.
 As, it was a Nepali wedding there was a little more curiosity in me to see their traditions and the culture flow. It was simply gorgeous. Weddings itself holds that emotion in it and knowing the bride and the family so well, I couldn't stop myself from basking into it! The ceremony was taken place in the morning followed by a get together and cake cutting ceremony  for our little one. The evening rolled in with friends, family, lots of laughter and after party thoughts:-) The resort where ceremony was held later in the evening was ideal with comfortable and quiet ease arrangements. The night was freezing but, the idyllic decision of Born fire did not let our energy die off and got everyone of us on floor on the beats of Nepali track! It was a beautiful evening. Sadly, I could not click much pictures but there is one of the gorgeous Bride!

Isn't she looking pretty? Coming to what I wore for the ceremony was the combination of green and black kurta wit golden embellishments! There is picture below with Priya!

This is my favorite picture from the wedding afternoon! What do you all think of it?
Hope you guys enjoyed reading this piece, well I enjoyed every bit of it! For now, i am quiet filled with joy and emotions. All you lovely people take care!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Kolkata - Part 2

Hello everyone. I am yet back again with another post related to kolkata. I just cant get enough of the city! By, this time I was almost done with all my tests and doctor stuff except the reports was to be collected. I was quiet happy, the phase of running down the clinics and waiting for the Doctors for hours was finally over. The vacation mood was on and I was ready to go around the places. Watching Adventures of Tintin was the most prior thing to do, which was ignored but then I finally made it. The movie was full of laughs, and bought flashes of childhood again. I personally feel, it had some of the best animation put on the big screen. I absolutely enjoyed the movie and hope all you guys did it too. After the movie, went to "Perter Cat" one of the oldest and most popular restaurant in kolkata. The restaurant is a mix of both Indian and continental menu and famous for its kebabs and sizzlers. I simply love the food here and is definitely good worth a money. It is quiet inexpensive, with unique atmosphere and quirk dress code of the servers. The only thing I dislike about this place is, there is always a huge Que to get in and gets a little cramped when running busy. I still like Peter cat and do not hesitate to wait for my turn and get a table. It's a must visit place, anyone travelling to kolkata should should give it a try. And the best part is, its located right in the centre of the city. So, there is not a sight of confusion or trouble finding it.
Because, it was Tintin and sizzlers time I preferred the comfort of my waist coat and ripped denims. Have a look!

With this, it was day 2 when I got the chance and time to go to my patent places. Anybody been to Peter Cat before? Share your experiences! Well, this is all for now you guys take care and be warm.