Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Best Friend's Wedding!

Hello Beautiful people. Do I sound overly excited, I am indeed! How's the week going for all you lovelies, well the week is not really exciting for me with the usual routine. But I tell you, what a dazzling weekend I had. It was my Best Friend's wedding after all, the wedding everyone of us waited for and planned for. And , the wedding is finally done. Really I am not being able to accept the fact. Going together to the kinder garden, doing the school work together, getting excited for birthday parties, spending the weekend together seems like all yesterday. But, the fact is things have changed and we have grown up! These might sound the activities done a decade ago, but it was just a month back when all of us sat together with the usual laughs and us but things seem quiet different now. This particular marriage brings a lot of mixed emotions in me, it makes me feel really happy for my friend but at the same time, I have this weird thought of how will things look from now? In addition, funny and scary I have started to think, will I get married anytime soon! Ah ah no, hahahahahahah! It's quiet depressing to tell you readers that I don't have a single picture. Yes, but how would I? The dancing and the laughter sessions, playing down the childhood memories and meeting some long lost friends kept me busy. But, after all we are girls. We have to get that one master picture, though its not very clear as the photographer and I were ridiculously in some other world! Well, for you to know I wore rich, embellished, peach color kurti designed by my aunt with white skinnies and my favorite pair of heels from Schuh. Also, I did manage to convince my mother to get her Versace watch for the evening!

Glittery shiny heels from Schuh
 So, what do you all think of it? Trust me, it's the best feeling to attend your Best Friend's Wedding! Do share your experiences too! I would love you hear all about it.
Have a great week ladies! And don't forget to leave your feedback!

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Review : Simmer Powder brush from VICTORIA JACKSON!

I have been using this little powder brush thing over almost a year now and I simply love it. I just ordered another one so thought should review it! It comes in two shades bronze and baby pink. The best part is the design, the brush deposits the right amount of simmer and is just not messy. The simmer brush is so handy that it fits right in your little purse and you are ready to carry it without a hassle serving the purpose! I totally love this product and apply almost everyday! A little sweep to the cheek and you are ready to walk down on a day light, also just a little more of it and you all set to dazzle for the glamorous night. The powder brush is quiet multi - functional, it not only gives glow to your cheekbones but you can definitely help your collar bone, shoulders to shine. Well the most important part, the brush is very soft and there no chances to get a scar or rough finish!
How to use it:
Remove the cap, Lower the plastic brush protector and allow the brush to breathe;-)

Hold upright and brush against your skin. Do not give a hard brushing, it will leave too much simmer. Apply gently and check according to your taste and desire.

Once, finished move the plastic protector upwards and replace the cap.

well, there is one more trick! you can also remove the cap from the bottom. you can use the pigment sort of stuff how you want to. I used it as a eye shadow. It looks great!

I think its an amazing collection to your makeup pouch specially for the all the ladies who like to add the shimmery touch to your makeup. It's a must have then!!
So, ladies are you ready to let your face glow and body to shine? The product absolutely worked for me though:-)
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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Breaking the Winter Laws!

Hello Lovely people! How is the week going for you? Well quiet not interesting for me, the work schedule is a little unorganized for now, hopefully will be settled from the coming week. I am bored, but I am glad about it as the weather is playing major kinds of drama and I refuse to be up. So, I am quiet enjoying sitting near the fire place, sipping hot coffee in my favourite mug, tossing around in my comforter, hooking to the television screen and thinking about a few people (though can’t practice it for long). Well, no no not missing a particular set of people and thinking types but just generally of how people can take advantage of someone being good. I fail to understand, just because you are really humble and say sorry or agree to their thoughts doesn't mean they are superior and have the liberty and power to act dominant. I am sorry, but I feel quiet pity for people like you. Anyways, did I mention it’s one of my best friend’s wedding in 3 days and all of us are hoping the weather to be humble enough. Can you believe I am still deciding on the outfit. Well, coming to outfit from today I was too tired of the same weather, same story, bulky overcoats and I decided to break down the fear of chilly winters by adding a spark and a little summer effect to my outfit and walk down. So, here by choice I rifted away the winter laws of wearing black, grey's and brown's. Well, in case you think that I don't like theses colors let me be clear, I am more of a brown person but really, I am tired for now ;-) So, have a look at the other side of winter today.   

 I am wearing: 
Over sized Sweater - Vero Moda
Leggings & shorts - H&M
Boots - New Look
Clutch - Local Market

And I am ready to shine with the bling of Golden, the warmth of Red and free from bulkiness of overcoats. I did not really feel the need of accessorize with this outfit. What do you guys think of it? Well, personally I totally adore the big bow made on right shoulder of the cardigan. 

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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Boredom results in Bling!!!

While I was too bored this morning with no clue of doing anything productive and neither had a Sunday plan, out of nothing I happened to browse through and came across really interesting bloggers with entertaining and inspiring posts. When I talk about inspiration I learned two things today. Firstly, personally I was quiet uncertain regarding the idea of writing about people around me and about certain kinds of behavior people possess and thought it to be a little too personal and judgmental. But after reading few amazingly composed  posts about the same just changed my mind and I realized I should definitely talk about the things disturbing me, the trick my friend is to play around with the words ;-) Another stimulating thing, which just brightened up my Sunday and helped me to make myself a little useful was an idea from very interesting Blog "Giasaysthat". As we all know and are aware that sparkles, sequins and colors are ruling the fashion charts, I did a little effort and triggered myself to sparkle and reuse my discarded pair of shoes into a brand new, shimmery and dazzling one. While doing the shoes my little sister joined me and offered some help with much mixed facial expressions, while my mother was quiet annoyed of making the place dirty and seeing those glittery thing all over the place! Never mind, though I went through a little doze I treated myself with a happy and a radiant weekend over turning a dull, boring shoes into a flashy and adorable pair. At, first I found out it to be a little messy, difficult but as I went with the flow of my paint brush and completed one shoe the second one did not take time and surprisingly I enjoyed doing it listening to track from Shaitan!

             Old Shoes from Local Market!                                                           Modifies shoes!

This is the semi finished product. I was quiet unsure about it at this point of time and thinking, did I do a right thing or have I let the shoes to wear for no occasion. With a little doubt in mind and letting it to set, I was amazed and really happy with my decision and to see the final product.

 So guys, what do you think? Choosing the golden color had quiet a bit of reasons behind it. The first being, since I saw the golden loafers in Steve Madden and golden color sneakers in Converse I wanted one for myself too. And, the other being I was not sure of plain colors as to how the end result would like and no silver because I already have one from Schuh!
Also, I am a little confused about the laces though and for now using it with brown. Suggestions are welcomed for a better combination and more ideas. I think all you guys should give it a try but make sure you can give it time and have enough patience to deal with it. It's worth though! I have made an effort to make my Sunday bling, What did you do? I think everyone must visit  www.giasaysthat.com. for more inspirational and creative things like this one. Thank you for an amazing tutorial.

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

The First Giveaway!

And, finally after a span of almost 8 months of blogging I announce my first Giveaway here. Are you excited, I am:-) As this is my first one, it is very close to my heart! Blogging has inbuilt immense confidence in me and the credit goes to your positive feedback and inspiration. This particular giveaway was due for a long time now and finally it's here.
If you read my last post, I have spoken about how much I am influenced with the local market of Sikkim. Thus, the giveaway for this season is from my most inspired and consumed Boutique called "Come Bag". The shop is owned by two sisters named, Tshering and Uden. I know the two sisters, now since 10 years and have seen them growing up with their brand and product in the market. The boutique offers wide range of products from clothing to shoes and bags. In fact, as questioned by most of you and my friends about where are my shoes and bags from? The answer is here. A few days back, when we met for coffee they discussed about their new line of products and fresh stock coming in. Before my excitement came to the ground there was silence. And that was the time when there was a good news for all you amazing readers. Yes, Come Bag decided to collaborate with pen-twister for a giveaway!
And the curtain raises up, The Giveaway.

Mini Cross body bag from "Come Bag"

The bag has great space and I feel its just perfect to go with any piece of cloth.. Isn't is smart? What are you waiting for, do your entries now!
Few simple steps to enter the giveaway: Only bloggers residing in India can participate and you need to be a follower of the blog. The second being, write in the comment box below, what interests you about pen-twister and what more would you like to see in pen-twister. For extra entries like the Facebook page here. The winner would be announced based on the answer to the question asked.
So, what are you waiting for ladies? Hurry up now and all the best! The results would be announced on 4th February 2012.
Best of luck!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Not as Lucky as You!

And the time of the year is here, when the whole wide world specially all the pretty ladies out there are happy more than ever. More than the Christmas reunion and the New Year Ball, any guesses? Yes, the season of SALE is here. Am, I right ladies! Everyone seems to be much happy, excited, filled with joy, and I get the feel of being meandered into a forbidden territory and snap from all kinds of communication with the world. Oh my god so exclusively dramatic! On a much serious note, I am not being able to explore any kind of sale. I am home, many of you by now know that I stay in Sikkim and it does not offer much elaborated Indian and International brand tagged market. Though, the place offers with diverse collection of clothes, shoes, accessorize and bags keeping in mind the fashion and latest trends with much reasonable price. Most of the racks of my wardrobe possess the Local items, and I quiet a lot love them. Not complaining or making a scathing remark about the local influenced market but, when you see those pretty stores around with even more pretty and delicate things on them you obviously want to get into that dream land. And, subsequently when you see that the store spells SALE you cant stop your emotions. This is all, I am going through;-)
Well, coming out of it I coaxed my little brother to take a few pictures of mine while I was going out to see some friends and helping myself to be happy (Oh, not again please). Anyways, I was quiet bored with usual brown's and the grey's so picked up the purple coat to keep me warm and away from all the chilliness, Oh by the way it freezing here terribly. Coming to clicking pictures, my little brother oddly kept asking me why are you clicking pictures? His questions and snide remarks had almost put me into most deranged of moment, anyways we managed to click some pictures despite of random and fluctuating moods.

Trench Coat - Atmosphere, Leggings - River Island, Boots - New Look, Scarf - Gifted, Bag - Local Market.

So what, I can't get lucky and get the goodies I shall keep up the positive energy and put my hands on some really good local stuff this season. The post, seems to be really long now and my body is getting numb of cold. So, excusing all you guys of the drama I shall let you breathe now!! Be warm guys and happy shopping!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

And I am back with a Bang!

Happy New Year to all the gorgeous people there. I know it's 3rd today but its' never too late! Hope you all had a wonderful start for 2012. I had an extreme good one too;-) Yes, I know I had disappear into the woods and there was not a sign of me. I was quiet trying to manage and sort out my life mentally and health wise. But now, that I am back I shall give you regular updates and no complaints. I am sure with the start of a new year and a new beginning many of us have Resolutions. Well, in my case I have a few To Do things too for 2012 and may be for coming years. The first one being, Focus and getting a little more serious towards my career. Past a year due to sudden and casual things happening in my life I have let my career go very casually. So, as the realization knocks I need to sit back and play it carefully. The second being Good health. 2011 has made me struggle more than a little and made me run down the Doctor's chamber every month, therefore I have decided to take enough healthy precautions this year and away from all miseries. Well the last one, is to keep up the positive energy and have faith. I have been practicing the last advice since a few months, and I can definitely see a better and more successful person in myself. Ok ok, enough of speech on morality and being good. Also, how can I not mention this year I would give my best to entertain you readers with much regular and not so usual posts.
So, coming to post it's about a Sunday Brunch. Brunch with loved ones, few friends and acquaintances. The whole afternoon started with quiet a formal seating and conversation which in  few minutes landed to much comfortable environment and a few hours later, it turned into an absolute Mad Hatters. Well, IMFL sure does wonders;-)  well, for the occasion picking up the right clothing was very important. Getting dressed would have been a little more dramatic and going plain would have been boring, while I was staring at my luggage with a confused and blank expression my leather jacket gave a shout to me and as I thought it made my day perfect!
There are few pictures below but please excuse me for this last time for poor quality of pictures due to bad lighting and camera!

As, there year starts I am sure everyone of us have a new Avatar and a new beginning. As, I mentioned earlier this year I will be up with much promising posts and not segmented to one line of product but a varied course of topics and forums.Excited? I am! Well, with this Happy New Year once again, stay warm and keep up the positive energy.