Tuesday, 28 June 2011

MAC Magic!

Hi to all! For, now and past 2 days I am suffering from quiet a stint headache due to some complicated stuff happening around and dealing with it! But, also much excitement is flowing all around me as I would leave for Kolkata tomorrow for a 2 day tour and get to see Akshay! Butterflies! There is so much to do, shopping for sister's wedding, catching up with few old friends, some Interviews lined up. And i just have 2 days! i dont know how will I manage! Anyways, topic today suggests Mac...No no not the apple mac my friends, but the mac eye concealer! It does wonders! Believe me! When I woke up this morning, thinking about what is been happening around and splashed some fresh water, I was stunned looking at the amount of dark circles I have developed. Another stress! hahahahaahahahah! Luckily, I had the Goddess Mac! A little application of it did wonders. I was not left with any dark patch under my eye! Woh, I am applying that little piece of heaven every day now and definitely carrying it everywhere!! Just that it does not contain much moisture and is quiet dry, so I tried mixing up with my daily moisture cream!
Also, for people having dry skin can try Mac moisture cover. I think you should definitely give it a try, if you have complaints against dark circles! It worked for me though!
moisture cover
Well, I guess am gonna miss this writing and sharing part for a few days from now! Hope, I get to do all the things I planned for my kolkata trip! Untill then, all you gorgeous people have a great time!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Depressing Sulky Weather!

How you lovely people have been? Must be all packed with your Sunday plans! The day we all love.Well, I had plans too :-( Yes, had! But, this never ending rain have ruined up the whole day! "Gangtok" my home town can never bless us with some sunshine and to add with more complications, has started to give Continuous rain, hail and thunderstorms!
I know most of you think, what a perfect place and weather! Perfect to be under your lazy comforter, with a mug of ginger tea and some melting delicacies! But, cancelling your plans and pretending to be in love with this depressing weather is so not happening! I love Rain though, but in this extent with addition of chilliness....I would prefer burning down under heat, m serious! Well, my awesome plans for some Shopping with cousin and then  Hookah (sheesha) plans with my childhood friend just cancelled. Yes, I agree to the fact that things like Umbrella, Rain boots and Raincoats exits but don't forget Gangtok is a hill station, and I am located on top of the hills. Major advantage but serious disadvantage, the roads are quiet slippery followed by three incidents happened this morning. So not very safe, walking down the hill!
Anyways, coming to my plans we postpone it to tomorrow but again o'course my luck! Weather forecast :
Today: Rain
Tomorrow: Heavy Rain
Day After: Super Heavy Rain (warnings issued).
Rain rain go away and please don't come for a little while! I hope, something comes up and I don't have to spend my Sunday doing nothing or something usual! You guys have an awesome day ahead :-)
P.S: It's just been a day I have started blogging, and I totally love it! I can pour out my heart, and in today's case my depression!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hello Beautiful people!

Well as I sit back on my couch every morning pondering about what I am doing today, I decided to fiddle around with my Trunk on this lousy sad morning! Who does that? Anyways, as I was fiddling I came across old pictures, greeting cards and my Sponge Bob Blog (Tale of 4 Friends). Unfolding its pages, I kept reading until the last word.The memories flowed and wrapped the whole room with emotions, Apart my eyes started to melt down, Realization dawned upon me actually an Idea I say! The idea of blogging all over again. What if the pages of my blog is over, there is blogger.com with its endless pages! And here i go:-)
I am not good playing in with fancy words or putting in the right vocabulary but just flow with my thoughts. I also don't possess fancy eating habits or entertainment factors! Oops, I do not hold great achievement for fashion too (regardless of what people think of my fashion sense). So, what is this blog all about? Confused! Ask me! Well my readers this blog will definitely be the extension of my Sponge Bob Blog (much affection), that is one part but will also talk about love, laughter, and all beautiful, crazy things in and around me.

Sponge Bob!
So I guess Happy Blogging:-))) And not to forget Thank you Sponge Bob and its much loved Members!