Sunday, 26 June 2011

Depressing Sulky Weather!

How you lovely people have been? Must be all packed with your Sunday plans! The day we all love.Well, I had plans too :-( Yes, had! But, this never ending rain have ruined up the whole day! "Gangtok" my home town can never bless us with some sunshine and to add with more complications, has started to give Continuous rain, hail and thunderstorms!
I know most of you think, what a perfect place and weather! Perfect to be under your lazy comforter, with a mug of ginger tea and some melting delicacies! But, cancelling your plans and pretending to be in love with this depressing weather is so not happening! I love Rain though, but in this extent with addition of chilliness....I would prefer burning down under heat, m serious! Well, my awesome plans for some Shopping with cousin and then  Hookah (sheesha) plans with my childhood friend just cancelled. Yes, I agree to the fact that things like Umbrella, Rain boots and Raincoats exits but don't forget Gangtok is a hill station, and I am located on top of the hills. Major advantage but serious disadvantage, the roads are quiet slippery followed by three incidents happened this morning. So not very safe, walking down the hill!
Anyways, coming to my plans we postpone it to tomorrow but again o'course my luck! Weather forecast :
Today: Rain
Tomorrow: Heavy Rain
Day After: Super Heavy Rain (warnings issued).
Rain rain go away and please don't come for a little while! I hope, something comes up and I don't have to spend my Sunday doing nothing or something usual! You guys have an awesome day ahead :-)
P.S: It's just been a day I have started blogging, and I totally love it! I can pour out my heart, and in today's case my depression!

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  1. Ahh I was just thinking how can u be depressed on rainy day. It becomes depressing whn u miss ur loved ones. I am enjoying Monsoon to the max.
    I just hope and pray that it doesnt rain on my big day.