Wednesday, 30 November 2011

City of Joy!

Hello everyone! I am back from the city of joy "kolkata". After a week of too many activities in kolkata I am back to hills and just not liking the weather. It's chilling and I am wrapped up in my comforter. For, most of the people kolkata doesn't sound very interesting but, the city is full of surprises for me on my every visit. I have special bonds with the place and strings attached to it of several reasons. The reason for my visit to the city now was health, had an appointment with the doctor. Apart that, moving across the streets to jump on delicious variety of street food with incredible line of produce and exceptional quality in addition to street shopping with that is always fun! Kolkata is known for it, and is highly recommended!
Because I love kolkata and visited the city after 3 whole months, there had to be a Toast. And when its a toast it has to be "Aqua" located in the The Park! Aqua is one of the best places in town, and absolutely makes my day and get me smiling through out. The place holds quiet a lot of emotions to me and Akshay, this is definitely our place. The place offers quiet a defined menu with International flavors, Hookah's, grilled delicacies, much organised seating plan and Bartender's at their best. The evening could not have been any better than this. Thank you Manch:-)
For now, I am missing Kolkata too much and freezing out in this weather! You guys, be warm and enjoy the love around you!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Coin shoes!

Hello lovely people! Coin Shoes, surprised by the name? Well the secret to it is, I recently bought a pair of ballet flats which is embedded with coin type material! So, I named it " The Coin Shoes". I know quiet lame logic! The excitement of wearing them for the planned vacation did not work, because my vacation itself was cancelled due to unfortunate circumstances at home. I was bitterly disappointed about the whole incidence with a strange unpleasant feeling. Anyways, not basking into the situation and coming to my love for ballet flats this season is growing everyday. I walk down the market with a list of things to buy and  with no ignorance  to limited budget of course. But guess what? I have a new pair of ballet in my bag at the end of the day! yippee! Yes, and the the drama begins! Well sparing you gorgeous people with it, I have clicked the picture of the shoes! Have a look:-)

How's the ballet? I think its really gorgeous and gives compliment to any piece of cloth. As, flipping the pages of fashion magazines seems like the togetherness of golden and black is taking over all the fashion charts and market. I have one too in my wardrobe now:-)
 Time restricts me for now, therefore that's all from my side today! You guys take care and be warm. 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Happy Me!

        Hello!!! I am quiet happy and excited, Yay Well some of you might think the reasons are not quiet fascinating, but if you know me I get the joy of life with little things around me. In, today's case I made Vegetable Au gratin and guess what the white sauce was just cooked to the perfection (Food Production skills). Finally trying it out since weeks I made it. I am so happy for this little venture and achievement of mine. I guess, I deserve some compliment for myself :-) Coming, to another direction of my happiness is that I got to see my little bag that contained little pretty thing called hair accessorize! Not so made up but I had that smile on my face when I saw them and pitied myself thinking why I haven't been wearing them. I know, The place where I stay is exactly not meant for loading yourself with these beautiful pieces and walk down. Believe me, you will find yourself to be an alien! oops, I still love my Home land:-)
Any ways I have a few pictures of my favorite ones, and I am extremely delighted to be the proud owner of them:-)
Lace, Pearl, Crystal, Polka dots! All in one! I love it totally!
- Accessorize

Straw hat with big flower attached, Die for!
- New Look

Very elegant! - Gifted!

My favriote! All time wear. Hairband - Accessorize
Hair clip - Gifted!

60's!!! The best part is the wire holding inside is so good it can easily take any shape!
 - Local Market!

Florals, bows and lots of sequence and studs!
- New Look

Aren't they pretty, I know the market is flooded with gorgeous stuff and I need to update my bag of goodies  but also these pieces are quiet precious to me. And, I decide them to take along with me for the upcoming vacation:-) The most awaited vacation in a long long time!
Thinking all of you there, liked the post I would now go and have my Vegetable Au gratin if there is any:-)
Love you, Be safe and take care!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Its Freezing already!

Calf Boots, Chunky cable knit sweaters, trench coats, perfect hat and a scarf! I am ready to deal with the winters. Well I am not too sure this time. Its just November, and Sikkim already witnessed  its first snowfall towards the North. Woh! Its freezing in here and is taking a lot of effort literally for me to even move out out of bed. For now, all that I need is a mug of tea, some warmth and my comforter:-)
I wonder if I put on my thick pea coats and knee length boots now,coming months are gonna get really tough on me! Therefore, have planned for some lightweight sweater and sweats shopping with a friend this evening :-) Anyways in another way I am quiet excited too for the winters to approach, for the simple reasons like being cozy, yummylicious food, sipping hot coffee while its freezing outside (how romantic, spare me) wearing fancy winter accessories,  and of course I get to finally wear my obsession from the last season shopping. "Faux fur handbag from River Island and a hat to go along". I have been waiting for this, and finally today I'll carry along with me while I go out. Yay! I am quiet happy and it gives me a reason to smile in this depressing weather for now. It gives me strength to go out ;-) Here is a picture,

So guys what do you think of the bag and the woolen hat? I agree the picture is not clear and either of the good quality but no option for the time. As, the temperature is going down, and my body is going cold I submit here for the day. You guys take care and be warm!