Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Its Freezing already!

Calf Boots, Chunky cable knit sweaters, trench coats, perfect hat and a scarf! I am ready to deal with the winters. Well I am not too sure this time. Its just November, and Sikkim already witnessed  its first snowfall towards the North. Woh! Its freezing in here and is taking a lot of effort literally for me to even move out out of bed. For now, all that I need is a mug of tea, some warmth and my comforter:-)
I wonder if I put on my thick pea coats and knee length boots now,coming months are gonna get really tough on me! Therefore, have planned for some lightweight sweater and sweats shopping with a friend this evening :-) Anyways in another way I am quiet excited too for the winters to approach, for the simple reasons like being cozy, yummylicious food, sipping hot coffee while its freezing outside (how romantic, spare me) wearing fancy winter accessories,  and of course I get to finally wear my obsession from the last season shopping. "Faux fur handbag from River Island and a hat to go along". I have been waiting for this, and finally today I'll carry along with me while I go out. Yay! I am quiet happy and it gives me a reason to smile in this depressing weather for now. It gives me strength to go out ;-) Here is a picture,

So guys what do you think of the bag and the woolen hat? I agree the picture is not clear and either of the good quality but no option for the time. As, the temperature is going down, and my body is going cold I submit here for the day. You guys take care and be warm!


  1. U r a winter sucker. I enjoyed my first orange today in sun. Winter feels great after such a long summer. Weather here is awesome. Hat & bag both look beautiful. I m sure you will look gorgeous.
    Love you.

  2. I so remember this bag story .. Running on princess street late in the evening making budget for good time shopping.. Spent atleast 500 pounds that evening plus the two iPhone 4's. Loved that bag and the hat too with the first pic in front of 2/2 murieston.. Awesome stories behind both of these . Love it and good to see that u ready and gearing up for winters.. Have an awesome time!!:)