Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Coin shoes!

Hello lovely people! Coin Shoes, surprised by the name? Well the secret to it is, I recently bought a pair of ballet flats which is embedded with coin type material! So, I named it " The Coin Shoes". I know quiet lame logic! The excitement of wearing them for the planned vacation did not work, because my vacation itself was cancelled due to unfortunate circumstances at home. I was bitterly disappointed about the whole incidence with a strange unpleasant feeling. Anyways, not basking into the situation and coming to my love for ballet flats this season is growing everyday. I walk down the market with a list of things to buy and  with no ignorance  to limited budget of course. But guess what? I have a new pair of ballet in my bag at the end of the day! yippee! Yes, and the the drama begins! Well sparing you gorgeous people with it, I have clicked the picture of the shoes! Have a look:-)

How's the ballet? I think its really gorgeous and gives compliment to any piece of cloth. As, flipping the pages of fashion magazines seems like the togetherness of golden and black is taking over all the fashion charts and market. I have one too in my wardrobe now:-)
 Time restricts me for now, therefore that's all from my side today! You guys take care and be warm. 

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  1. really nice coin shoes, spare me some change please.:) happy moment after an unfortunate last week. glad things are starting to go back on track.