Sunday, 9 November 2014

Meet Me Halfway!!!

Despite of sincere attempts for 4 times now for an outdoor shoot I have had no luck. The city has been hit with chilly winds and winter thrills. Nevertheless, with my teeth jittering Pen Twister team managed to capture a few shots.

Being a Fashion Blogger, I consider myself fortunate enough for just not getting generous doze of love and goodies, but being introduced and educated about Brands that has made a trademark of it's own in the world of Fashion and Labels. 
One Such brand is "Faballey". Faballey not only offers multiple options of Clothing, Shoes, Accessories but is absolutely pocket friendly too. 

For my love for Graphics and Maxis, I decided to pick this stylish, edgy galaxy printed, high thigh slit maxi dress. Ever since I have spotted this dress,  the no. Meet me halfway from Black Eyed Peas is playing on my head. The Graphitized dress takes me to the far far land of Galaxies and Dreams. 

With the dress being hippie enough, it also has feminine touch to it. The thin delicate strap on the top, sexy high thigh slit and the petite look of the dress perfectly embraces the body. To strike the right balance, I paired the outfit with "Faballey's" super studded hairband and my most favorite pair of Blingy shoes ever. Since the weather is getting tough, my warm scarf gave a twist to the outfit. With this an effortless and balanced style was created. 
I would like to keep this dress for those sunny winter afternoons and would like to pair it with colorful leggings. As seen and mentioned the dress has slits on both sides hence, the dress will still have to showcase it's sex appeal yet keeping me warm. 

Outfit Details: 
Dress - Faballey
Hairband - Faballey 
Shoes - Schuh (U.K)
Scarf - New Look
Glasees - Rayban

I have had a great pleasure working for the brand "Faballey" and creating first look for it. Can't wait to style look 2. 

To know more about the brand and explore through it's collection log in here,
You could also visit their Facebook page. 
Have a great Sunday and week ahead. 

Pen Twister

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Shine and Sparkle - Diwali 2014!

Hope you all had lightful, temptful and glamorous Diwali. I had one. 
After all, this Diwali was full of Emotions. Different Emotions. Emotions that left a spark. 

Coming straight to outfit, multiple people with house full of talent are responsible for this outfit. 
The Kurta worn, is custom stitched. The Fabric is rich Brocade picked up from Mysore and is stitched by talented Anupriya from "Howrah Bridge". The designer was expert enough to let the  fabric give a life with such modern yet ethnic touch. Can't wait to wear them again. 

The Kolhapuri's have definitely become my style staple. From midi skirts to denims and finally making it to the Diwali night. I am glad that Rachel from "SpAdes" introduced these beauty to me.

To seal the deal and the highlight of the night was my much precious Jhumkas from "Fooljhadi". So quirky, so fancy. Divya the owner and designer of the brand was generous enough to take me through Fooljhadi personally. Can't get enough of them.

Hope you guys liked my as assemblance for Diwali. That is all from my desk today, You guys have a great week ahead.

Pen Twister