Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Flashing Old Memories!

Hello lovely Readers! How have you all been? Hope the week goes good for all you people there. While, I have been caught up with a lot of stuff here. The work is keeping me too busy with no time for social gatherings or any kind of personal rejuvenation. In addition the health issues are popping in again, so running down the Doctor's chamber has started all over again. Keeping you away from the miseries and the effort not to disappear again,  I decided to throw in some of the pictures from the past which of some reason did not come up to blog. Also I am quiet happy and excited, as being a Marketing person I have cracked the biggest deal ever that was assigned to me and that makes me intensely happy. Also, to receive the cheque from the clients has doubled up my excitement. Everyone seems quiet happy about my success in office, making me more encouraged and enthusiastic about my work.
Talking about the work and the enthusiasm level I consider Blogging to be equally integrated to my life, Hence keep mentioning these little personal happiness. Oh, You can also now follow me on Facebook HERE for more updates and pictures:)
On the other hand the weather in Bangalore is really depressing, It's getting hotter by day. Pretty looking florals, polka dots, those cute little shorts and lots of colors which is perfect of this weather are dying in my wardrobe. While, dull, boring formals are popping out every morning. Definitely, not an excuse but I promise to deliver with outfit posts soon:) For now, do enjoy a few pictures from past.

Chilly Evening in Gangtok.
Love the yellow. Makes my winters bright!
Polka dots and bows. Isn't it cute?
Waist coat also worn Here.

 Click from Birthday evening.
Evening at Aqua
Clutch also carried Here

Can't get over nets and laces.
P.s: Love the ripped jeans.
Random Summer click!

Which one is your favorite random picture? Do leave your feedback. And, as I said I'll be soon with fresh, interesting posts. You guys take care!

Friday, 6 April 2012

The New Phase!

Extremely sorry for disappearing with no posts and no updates. But, now that I am back there is plenty to talk about:) As, mentioned in my previous post I have shifted to Bangalore and trying to settle myself with the new environment, work and faces. Well yes, this was the only reason that kept me away from blogging. From finding a place to stay to get adjusted with work schedule and culture, helping myself to get back home to showing that extra enthusiasm at work. All this kept me busy all this while. For now, that I am well adjusted the first thing that comes to my head is to update the blog:) Makes me real happy and excited. So talking about this new job, it is amazing and I simply love it. The people around are quiet a support and helping me  to get accustomed here. Oh did I  mention about the accommodation, I am staying in one of the most amazing place in Bangalore - Indiranagar. The area is surrounded with best possible places with hundreds of dining and drinking options, in addition the best hub to shoppe. Basically, I am quiet enjoying the stay and new phase in the city Bangalore.
Sadly, I have found no time for the outfit post though but hello I do have something to offer you with:) A few pictures clicked while going out to my favorite place Aqua before landing Bangalore! Hope you like it!!!

I am wearing:
Skirt: Tailor made
Tank: River Island
Top, Shoes, Bag : Thrifted

Hope you all enjoyed reading the post as much as I enjoyed writing it.
So, with a happy note all you lovely people there take care and have a good weekend:)