Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Reason to Celebrate!!!

While I was sitting by the balcony and watching the azure sky, accompanied by my morning tea and a thought. The thought of what am I suppose to do today? Yes, the phase of sheer idleness I am going through! As, I was beginning to think a shout and it broke my concentration (c' mon I was in middle of a great work), It was a call from one of my well wisher. That one call and it completely changed my mood, gave me ideas of what to do and I couldn't stop smiling. The announcement of another short vacation, though the purpose of the trip is work but really, Do I mind? No!!! The traveling starts from tomorrow until next week and includes 3 destination, the fact is it's going to be a busy trip with really strict schedule but I can't stop getting excited to meet some of my favorite people, making plans and explore the cities! I am so happy about this whole trip, as I had put immense handwork to it with longing patience. Hence, it definitely calls in for a celebration. So, a little ganging up with friends tonight!!!
As, I travel from tomorrow and would be a little away from blogging (I hate it, trust me) I would leave you with one of my most loved outfit post. The pictures were clicked during the "V" week, while going for Lunch organized by a close friend followed by evening drinks and drama!!! The occasion and the reason was grand, a perfect reason to celebrate!! He was engaged:-)
For the perfect day I wore my much loved Ruffle top. I was not too sure with the outfit, thought to be a little over dressed for the day light. But and because (there has to be..always) I so wanted to, balanced it and wore with a pair of denims! Have a look!

I am wearing:
Ruffle top - UGG
Jeans - GAP
Shoes - Thrifted
Bag - Gifted
 Watch - Versace

I have my weekend and coming week full of excitement, lots of joy and a little work. What have you guys planned for the weekend and the week apart work! Share with me here!!!

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Friday, 17 February 2012

The Valentine Week!

Last few days have been absolutely mad and full of entertainment. Well, I am back to my normal life after a vacation of 10 whole days and I am just not liking it. However, I and Mr. A never believed in Valentine's Day, the entire concept of showing that extra love or exchanging gifts on that one day was a little too much for us to handle. We asked that one question to each other every year on this occasion, why so much love and confession to it on this specific day. No offense but just strange. Anyways as most of you know that I was in Kolkata last week for medical stuff without the knowledge that it was "The Valentine" week, until my little cousin gave me a huge bar of chocolate and said Happy Chocolate day. I laughed and said chocolate day she replied, didn't you know it's the V week going on and aren't you here for the same reason. Woh! Hold on girl, It was just a co - incidence and actually thinking about it I was really excited (it's good to do things you never did) to spend the exclusive "V" week with him! So, the week obviously was not turned into romantic Dinners or Vacation but it definitely bought in lots of laughter, get together, and love with all the loved ones around.
As, the week drew to end and not so purposely on the "V Day" we came to Gangtok. The weather was really ill treating and did not allow me to take him around, so I and my friends ganged in for the actual fun. The warmth of Born fire with delicious Barbeque and house music made it the Best Valentine's ever! After all, its about spending time with people you love irrespective to who it is! Right!
Ok, I did not get dressed for the occasion due to ridiculously bad weather but there are loads of OOTD from the week! Have a look at the pictures from the Dinner at "AQUA" for now. A place I need to visit in kolkata!

I am wearing:

Dress- Mango
Shoes- Local Market
Bag - Gifted

So, what do you think of the dress for Pre- Valentine Dinner ;-) The dress gives me an absolute Victorian feeling with the best part of having a scarf  knot!
Do share your experiences too! And lots and lots of more posts to come, stay updated!

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Locally Inspired!

With much sunshine and love I required, I am on a perfect holiday away from all the winter bites and lonliness. Surviving each day with the fear of loosing myself, I am glad that I got to do this trip at the right time. The weather, the companion and the schedule is perfect to hold on myself and get things back to track. Initially, the trip was organised for 2 days for health reasons but subsequebtly it has just extended to a week and further. I can't get any happy or excited, Oh well I am in the city of joy "Kolkata". So far the things are really smooth and I am having an absolute fun packed week with loved ones around, crazy itenary for the week, drive aways, an outbound road trip and lots of love, food, shopping and amzing moments.
Coming to the post today, it was much awaited and requested one from many of the readers and friends, the post on Local hauls. I personally buy and put my hands on the stuff from the Local market of Sikkim and totally love them, reading through my one of the post here you would know the reasons. I personally am very  inspired from my town not because it produces great segment of clothing or fashion but the place itself is a beauty covered with mountain capes, with tresure house for some streams and waterfalls, blessed with holiness of monastries, perfect destination for relaxation and of course serves with a variet of dining options.
 For the shoot I am wearing the locally inspired colourful knit with black skinnies, the Bling shoes (details here) which was originally thrifted from same market as knit and bag:-) Few of the pictures are clicked in the capital Gangtok, may be the pictures do not do the justice in defining the beauty of the place but it's simply Gorgeous.

So what do you all think of my Thrifted outfit? As, one of my follower said before I may not get to take home the beauty supplied by International or National tagged brands but, I possess stuff which is quiet unique and have an advantage of not letting my style to blend with the crowd. I am quiet proud of all my belongings specailly the once which are locally bought:-)
What possession are you proud of guys? Do share and leave your feedback:-)

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thursday Attire!

Dull, boring, as usual, not at all entertaining, craving for some hot coffee and some warmth, this is how my day began! Hence, to cheer up my day I decided to organize a fun get together, laughter and shopping session:-) with few loved ones around. Well, yes I have been jobless lately. No no, I have not been thrown out from my work just a little break from things due to health issue! And, I totally love it. After all, I have been so regular with blogging:-). Coming to today I had a lovely afternoon doing the things as planned and guess what? The weather just listened to me and decided to do good and bless all of us with some sunshine. Therefore, instead of huge cable knits and calf boots I wore an over sized shirt which was sacked down of chilly winters with a warm blazer. Have a look!
Oh, I am also quiet a bit excited and filled with joy as my BFF decide to do a shoot tomorrow, no idea what the reasons are but already picturing about my outfit. May be, this is what a break is called.

I am wearing:
Blazer - Zara
Shirt - Custom made
Shoes - Schuh
Clutch - Local Market
Necklace - Veromoda

So, what do you think of my Thursday attire? Two major aspects the hill station demands, warm clothes due to bad weather and comfortable wear due to slopes. I think the outfit served both the purpose and made me go along the entire afternoon! What did you guys do apart the usual work today? Do share! 

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