Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Shine and Sparkle - Diwali 2014!

Hope you all had lightful, temptful and glamorous Diwali. I had one. 
After all, this Diwali was full of Emotions. Different Emotions. Emotions that left a spark. 

Coming straight to outfit, multiple people with house full of talent are responsible for this outfit. 
The Kurta worn, is custom stitched. The Fabric is rich Brocade picked up from Mysore and is stitched by talented Anupriya from "Howrah Bridge". The designer was expert enough to let the  fabric give a life with such modern yet ethnic touch. Can't wait to wear them again. 

The Kolhapuri's have definitely become my style staple. From midi skirts to denims and finally making it to the Diwali night. I am glad that Rachel from "SpAdes" introduced these beauty to me.

To seal the deal and the highlight of the night was my much precious Jhumkas from "Fooljhadi". So quirky, so fancy. Divya the owner and designer of the brand was generous enough to take me through Fooljhadi personally. Can't get enough of them.

Hope you guys liked my as assemblance for Diwali. That is all from my desk today, You guys have a great week ahead.

Pen Twister


  1. Ahhh those jhumkas as stole my heart! You look gorgeous!

  2. Those jhumkas stole my heart! You look gorgeous!

  3. You did full justice to the creation, my girl!!
    And once again, love, love, love the earrings! <3

  4. The kurta looks beautiful on you. Anu's done a very good job!

  5. Nice blog!!!
    Thanks for sharing....
    good pics