Sunday, 28 September 2014

Winter Glamour

Welcoming Fall 2014. Yes, those chilly winds have already hit my city. The mountain capes are roaring and my tooth is already jittering. Fall 2014 is definitely nearing.
These are the first stunning fall purchases for this year. It clearly indicates that, this winter will be about more glamour and more sequins. 

Coming to the point, I decided to use a white wall for the shoot, to compliment the story beautifully. The story of sequins and wool. The story of glamour and mountain thrills, because the outfit already had so much to narrate, I kept the other factors like hair and makeup natural and fresh while enhancing the outfit. I guess the nude; minimal face and braids build a character for itself around those white bricks. 
Because the harsh weather is yet to hit the mountains, I experimented the outfit with these gorgeous studded Kolhapuris, that I ordered recently from SpAdes to give it an edge, and to save my feet from those riding high beauties for now. 

The whole essemblence, against the backdrop of white bricks, plaid woolen skirt sets a distinctly Scottish mood. May be not, but for my love for Scotland, the Bag Pipers, the woolen kilts and that magnificent architecture I would like to think so. 

What I am Wearing: 

Sequined Knit & Woolen Skirt - Local Boutique, Gangtok
Studded Kolhapuris - SpAdes (Online Store)

That would be all from my desk today. Stay cool this winter with blushing separates, sequins and glitz cover-ups. 

Pen Twister


  1. Love the sweater!! and the mood ;)

  2. That hairdo seals the deal without a doubt. And the entire outfit exudes such countryside charm! Can't wait to see you, love!

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