Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bold Red Punters.

Red is Bold and so am I. There are multiple meanings to boldness in our society. Some of them refer it to as being fearless, while others term it as being a Bitch. I would not go into detail about it, as my coming post would talk about it elaborately. 
Well today we shall talk about my adaptability to color Red and walking boldly with my shoulders straight and pulling it off with a panache. 
A few days ago, these delicious Ox - Blood moccasins happened to me and I was lost into them. The moment I put them on, there was a sheer confidence and my shoulders were upright as I walked towards the mirror. I said to myself, Damn! They are hot. Mirror knocked, replied. Go treat your feet, else there are other candidates in the Que., waiting to grab them without even bargaining. Honestly, had I kept thinking for a moment more, these beauties would have slipped of my hands. And the decision was made.
Well, for this particular post, I decided to create a Out - of - bed look with messy hair, bold red lips and colorful Aztec print crop top. To seal the deal, that grey hat struck the right balance giving it a Fedora look. 

What I wore: 
Crop Top - Forever 21
Shorts - New Look
Hat - River Island
Shoes - Gangtok (local Boutique)

I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I did posting it. Have a great Sunday and a week ahead.

Pen Twister


  1. It looks so nice on you. You should wear the colour more often.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  2. would die for those shoes.Lucky you !!!!

  3. those shoes!!! love the balance of the whole look!

  4. Love those shoes and lippie on you.
    I has added spark to outfit.