Saturday, 25 June 2011

Hello Beautiful people!

Well as I sit back on my couch every morning pondering about what I am doing today, I decided to fiddle around with my Trunk on this lousy sad morning! Who does that? Anyways, as I was fiddling I came across old pictures, greeting cards and my Sponge Bob Blog (Tale of 4 Friends). Unfolding its pages, I kept reading until the last word.The memories flowed and wrapped the whole room with emotions, Apart my eyes started to melt down, Realization dawned upon me actually an Idea I say! The idea of blogging all over again. What if the pages of my blog is over, there is with its endless pages! And here i go:-)
I am not good playing in with fancy words or putting in the right vocabulary but just flow with my thoughts. I also don't possess fancy eating habits or entertainment factors! Oops, I do not hold great achievement for fashion too (regardless of what people think of my fashion sense). So, what is this blog all about? Confused! Ask me! Well my readers this blog will definitely be the extension of my Sponge Bob Blog (much affection), that is one part but will also talk about love, laughter, and all beautiful, crazy things in and around me.

Sponge Bob!
So I guess Happy Blogging:-))) And not to forget Thank you Sponge Bob and its much loved Members!


  1. M I the lucky one to comment first on ur blog?? I guess so.. Welcome to Blog world. I didnt know u are fond of writing. Its nice to read ur first post. happy stay. Will be looking ahead for more updates

  2. Congratulations on this venture Nikki! :)
    I'm glad school time madness could give birth to this! :*
    Keep writing!

  3. Thank you, for your motivation!