Tuesday, 28 June 2011

MAC Magic!

Hi to all! For, now and past 2 days I am suffering from quiet a stint headache due to some complicated stuff happening around and dealing with it! But, also much excitement is flowing all around me as I would leave for Kolkata tomorrow for a 2 day tour and get to see Akshay! Butterflies! There is so much to do, shopping for sister's wedding, catching up with few old friends, some Interviews lined up. And i just have 2 days! i dont know how will I manage! Anyways, topic today suggests Mac...No no not the apple mac my friends, but the mac eye concealer! It does wonders! Believe me! When I woke up this morning, thinking about what is been happening around and splashed some fresh water, I was stunned looking at the amount of dark circles I have developed. Another stress! hahahahaahahahah! Luckily, I had the Goddess Mac! A little application of it did wonders. I was not left with any dark patch under my eye! Woh, I am applying that little piece of heaven every day now and definitely carrying it everywhere!! Just that it does not contain much moisture and is quiet dry, so I tried mixing up with my daily moisture cream!
Also, for people having dry skin can try Mac moisture cover. I think you should definitely give it a try, if you have complaints against dark circles! It worked for me though!
moisture cover
Well, I guess am gonna miss this writing and sharing part for a few days from now! Hope, I get to do all the things I planned for my kolkata trip! Untill then, all you gorgeous people have a great time!

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