Sunday, 22 January 2012

Boredom results in Bling!!!

While I was too bored this morning with no clue of doing anything productive and neither had a Sunday plan, out of nothing I happened to browse through and came across really interesting bloggers with entertaining and inspiring posts. When I talk about inspiration I learned two things today. Firstly, personally I was quiet uncertain regarding the idea of writing about people around me and about certain kinds of behavior people possess and thought it to be a little too personal and judgmental. But after reading few amazingly composed  posts about the same just changed my mind and I realized I should definitely talk about the things disturbing me, the trick my friend is to play around with the words ;-) Another stimulating thing, which just brightened up my Sunday and helped me to make myself a little useful was an idea from very interesting Blog "Giasaysthat". As we all know and are aware that sparkles, sequins and colors are ruling the fashion charts, I did a little effort and triggered myself to sparkle and reuse my discarded pair of shoes into a brand new, shimmery and dazzling one. While doing the shoes my little sister joined me and offered some help with much mixed facial expressions, while my mother was quiet annoyed of making the place dirty and seeing those glittery thing all over the place! Never mind, though I went through a little doze I treated myself with a happy and a radiant weekend over turning a dull, boring shoes into a flashy and adorable pair. At, first I found out it to be a little messy, difficult but as I went with the flow of my paint brush and completed one shoe the second one did not take time and surprisingly I enjoyed doing it listening to track from Shaitan!

             Old Shoes from Local Market!                                                           Modifies shoes!

This is the semi finished product. I was quiet unsure about it at this point of time and thinking, did I do a right thing or have I let the shoes to wear for no occasion. With a little doubt in mind and letting it to set, I was amazed and really happy with my decision and to see the final product.

 So guys, what do you think? Choosing the golden color had quiet a bit of reasons behind it. The first being, since I saw the golden loafers in Steve Madden and golden color sneakers in Converse I wanted one for myself too. And, the other being I was not sure of plain colors as to how the end result would like and no silver because I already have one from Schuh!
Also, I am a little confused about the laces though and for now using it with brown. Suggestions are welcomed for a better combination and more ideas. I think all you guys should give it a try but make sure you can give it time and have enough patience to deal with it. It's worth though! I have made an effort to make my Sunday bling, What did you do? I think everyone must visit for more inspirational and creative things like this one. Thank you for an amazing tutorial.

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  1. That shoes looks awesome!Keep up the good work! I think I might try it too!
    You have a great blog, I am your new follower!

  2. You did a good job at it :)

    Thanx for loving and following...following back :)Hope you will like my facebook page too :)


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Tanvi!
      Would do a proper shoot with the shoes soon!

  4. Wow, I would have made a big mess of it if u gave me a task like dat. Looks gr8 tho ;)

    1. Thanx Nikki! And welcome to Pen Twister!

  5. This is some great work! hats off to you..superbly done. how did you make it stick? :P give me the details, im dying to try it now.:)

    lets follow each other? :)