Saturday, 7 January 2012

Not as Lucky as You!

And the time of the year is here, when the whole wide world specially all the pretty ladies out there are happy more than ever. More than the Christmas reunion and the New Year Ball, any guesses? Yes, the season of SALE is here. Am, I right ladies! Everyone seems to be much happy, excited, filled with joy, and I get the feel of being meandered into a forbidden territory and snap from all kinds of communication with the world. Oh my god so exclusively dramatic! On a much serious note, I am not being able to explore any kind of sale. I am home, many of you by now know that I stay in Sikkim and it does not offer much elaborated Indian and International brand tagged market. Though, the place offers with diverse collection of clothes, shoes, accessorize and bags keeping in mind the fashion and latest trends with much reasonable price. Most of the racks of my wardrobe possess the Local items, and I quiet a lot love them. Not complaining or making a scathing remark about the local influenced market but, when you see those pretty stores around with even more pretty and delicate things on them you obviously want to get into that dream land. And, subsequently when you see that the store spells SALE you cant stop your emotions. This is all, I am going through;-)
Well, coming out of it I coaxed my little brother to take a few pictures of mine while I was going out to see some friends and helping myself to be happy (Oh, not again please). Anyways, I was quiet bored with usual brown's and the grey's so picked up the purple coat to keep me warm and away from all the chilliness, Oh by the way it freezing here terribly. Coming to clicking pictures, my little brother oddly kept asking me why are you clicking pictures? His questions and snide remarks had almost put me into most deranged of moment, anyways we managed to click some pictures despite of random and fluctuating moods.

Trench Coat - Atmosphere, Leggings - River Island, Boots - New Look, Scarf - Gifted, Bag - Local Market.

So what, I can't get lucky and get the goodies I shall keep up the positive energy and put my hands on some really good local stuff this season. The post, seems to be really long now and my body is getting numb of cold. So, excusing all you guys of the drama I shall let you breathe now!! Be warm guys and happy shopping!


  1. Feels bad to hear that ur place doesn't have much on sale stuff.. But real good to hear that ur local market is like all year round sale... Lol .. Enjoy shopping !! :)

  2. Awww - You can always come down to Bombay when the summer sale is happening. And dont worry, sometimes loca markets are wayyy better than the big brands !

    I love your coat btw, its such a rich purple <3
    You've got such a great blog - Following you right away :D

  3. wow, you live in sikkim, its on my must travel list!!!

    love the overcoat, very warm tone and love the shoes too!!

  4. Great blog, want to follow each other :) ?



  5. Hi! Nikita..I just came across your blog..Do you by any chance study in Calcutta and live in Vishnu Mahal?

  6. Ask me how it is. I haven't heard this word called SALES. hearing it after long time. I am sure you understand why I am saying all this. Biratnagar did this! I am not much of sales time shopping person cuz i think the SALES stock are super horrible. Its better to busy in normal times cuz the stocks are better.
    Loved ur pics specially the bag and shoes. Woah gal how can u wear such heels? Awesome. Keep rocking Muah and yes do reply comments as well.

  7. Thank you for your sweet comment and for following ! I'm gladly following back your amazing blog : I love your pictures and your style.



  8. thnk you for visiting my blog!!!
    WHEN your local market offers you this kinda bag who wants over priced intl' brands????
    Sales can hav the worst clothes ever, i mean it.

    Btw, i am following you now!

    care to follow mine?

  9. Sunkissed @Awww. Thankyou so much! And Bombay is on my must visit places. I hope it's soon!
    Shooting star @ Thankyou, you should definitely visit the place. March may be the right season.
    Nidz @ Thankyou Love! Yes, I do understand your situation:( sailing in the same boat!
    Sarah Levis, Candyviolet @ Thankyou, and welcome to Pen-twister!

  10. Hello!! I'm so glad you found my blog through stylepile ;)

    You're right, the sales have started! But it's also important to shop wisely during sales jajaja (I should take my own advice). Btw, great background, amazing view. And of course, I beautiful bag!!

  11. nice blog..!!

    maybe we can follow each other?

  12. Love your photos I'm following and hope you follow me too.

  13. That bag is so wonderfully unique! It must be pretty hard expressing your personal style without many stores around you but you have an edge that the rest of us don't: It is very unlikely that other bloggers will have the pieces you wear. Your style will always be different and you'll never blend in with the crowd.

    You write beautifully in English. Is it your first or second language?

    Please do pay me a visit so that we might follow one another :)


  14. Loving the trench coat! Very very chic! <3 :) And those boots are beyond awesome!

    Following youu! :)

  15. Thankyou lovely ladies for all your love and feedback!
    Keep Reading!