Thursday, 19 January 2012

The First Giveaway!

And, finally after a span of almost 8 months of blogging I announce my first Giveaway here. Are you excited, I am:-) As this is my first one, it is very close to my heart! Blogging has inbuilt immense confidence in me and the credit goes to your positive feedback and inspiration. This particular giveaway was due for a long time now and finally it's here.
If you read my last post, I have spoken about how much I am influenced with the local market of Sikkim. Thus, the giveaway for this season is from my most inspired and consumed Boutique called "Come Bag". The shop is owned by two sisters named, Tshering and Uden. I know the two sisters, now since 10 years and have seen them growing up with their brand and product in the market. The boutique offers wide range of products from clothing to shoes and bags. In fact, as questioned by most of you and my friends about where are my shoes and bags from? The answer is here. A few days back, when we met for coffee they discussed about their new line of products and fresh stock coming in. Before my excitement came to the ground there was silence. And that was the time when there was a good news for all you amazing readers. Yes, Come Bag decided to collaborate with pen-twister for a giveaway!
And the curtain raises up, The Giveaway.

Mini Cross body bag from "Come Bag"

The bag has great space and I feel its just perfect to go with any piece of cloth.. Isn't is smart? What are you waiting for, do your entries now!
Few simple steps to enter the giveaway: Only bloggers residing in India can participate and you need to be a follower of the blog. The second being, write in the comment box below, what interests you about pen-twister and what more would you like to see in pen-twister. For extra entries like the Facebook page here. The winner would be announced based on the answer to the question asked.
So, what are you waiting for ladies? Hurry up now and all the best! The results would be announced on 4th February 2012.
Best of luck!


  1. hellooo!!
    Gfc name- CandyVioleta!!
    I would love to be a part of your giveaway!!
    I would love to see hauls from your local markets more!!!

  2. hi, I am your new follower, pls follow back.

  3. Hello!
    Name- Sonali Agarwal
    The giveaway is simply awesome. I would love to participate.
    Well the thing that makes me follow your blog is, how effortlessly you post things and relate it to your daily life. I enjoy every bit of it. And, I would love to see more of OOTD!

  4. Hello Nikita,

    I landed on your blog via Stylepile and really liked your personal style there.I am an avid reader of fashion blogs.Glad,I stumbled on yours.Since I am new to it,I have to explore more of it.After I post this comment I am going to browse through the archives.The bags look delicious!

    I follow your blog through GFC by the same name and also liked your fb page.

    Keep it fun and stylish.

  5. The give away has to be mine. its my bday on 4th feb too :D
    Your valued follower

  6. Hello fellow fashionista,
    Let me cut to the chase and tell you that this blog has been enlightening at best.It reminds me that no matter how much time and work you put into your personal style,fashion should be effortless.
    A special mention to your DIY-esque post to "blinging" shoes and recreating them once again.Your style too is extremely refreshing,both ends of the spectrum have been adequately explored....there's the cute side with bow tops in candy colours and there's your aggressive style with ripped jeans.

    I feel you can serve a dual purpose with your blog by also emulating current styles...for example,oxfords have entered the scene in a big way...maybe if you can give us readers some tips on how to wear them.This is what I expect in the future,a humble guide to styles that can be made simple with some help but not dumbed down.
    Thanks a lot,Ciao.

  7. i would love the giveaway....its sooo good..(love the colour ;) .. n i noe its gnna b mine :P )
    wat interests me bout ur glogs r dat u can simply relate to dem....dey tell bout ur daily doings....bout fashion n stuff...recreating new style frm de old ones...n soo much more...
    n de main reason being... u r awsme in ur own way..ur own it bout u... love u loadzaa.... <3 :)
    p.s- congo di.. 8 months of blogging = happier u :)

  8. Hey Pen Twister!

    Needless to say,I love your blog,I sincerely do.Black and red are an inevitable en vogue combination,but for a preppy and effulgent blog like yours could use more color.Apart from that the fashion is praise-worthy and mostly befitting international trends with your personal style glazing through.=).

    I could really use an uber-chic cross body like this one right now.They're SOO in right now,and I simply love this shade.


  9. Hey Nikita,
    Donno how you found me, but im glad you did, and im following you now. I'm so in love with your blog, and the stuff that you own, sometimes looking at others just gives you a better idea of what to keep an eye for when you go shopping. I loved the sunshine effect look. hope i get my hands on somethin similar soon..
    And yea, put on more pics with the stuff you own cuz you apparently have alot of pretty stuff. , and you definately have an eye for hot outfits.
    And im following you on fb- Noronha Nsan

    Does Come bag have an online shop, if not maybe they could start a blog with your help, where they could sell stuff like the classy and fabulous shop online with money transfers and stuff.

    Much Love,
    Nikita ;)

  10. Hi Nikita!
    Firstly, congratulations on your blog! you're doing a great job here. :)
    Next, boy, is the bag hot or what?! :D
    Regarding your question, what's best about your blog is that you don't stick to one particular thing, you do challenging stuff, you experiment.
    monotonous blogs are such turn-offs, and yours is quite an interesting one. you actually want to jump to the next post when you're done reading the previous one, which i'm sure you being a blogger, know the rarity of it. :D

    The suggestions that i could give you are simple. keep experimenting.keep writing more of DIY posts, you're good at that. publicise your blog as much as possible. it deserves readers. :)


  11. Hi Nikita!! :)
    I just started following your blog!! <3 And i am already loving it!
    What interests me is the way you write or rather, describe everything! You are good with words... It is not only interesting to read but one can relate to it too you know! :) And THAT is like, so important! Some blogs get boring after a few sentences but yours --- OH NO! :) With each post, you are getting better and better! That is what i love about your blog.
    Secondly, i absolutely loved your BLING DIY!! I am definitely going to try it out! I would like it if you do some more DIY's and OOTD's too! :)I like your style so i would absolutely love to see more of your trendy self! <3 And maybe some tutorials!!
    GFC name : Butterfly... :)

    So that was my entry! :) Keeping my fingers crossed. :) Hope i win! <3


  12. woaahh nikki di..
    the giveaway and ur blog both are astounding..n ya for me *inspiring* me when i say this..:)!! well to b honest i'v not read all ur posts but da onez wch i'v read are js soo fav one is da bling one..because i myslf have dose same pair of shoes..yes *the same* :P..n how on earth din i think of it..:D n it actually turned out so well :)!
    dijju keep up wd ur wrk ..ur ideas are simply astonishing!
    love u!:)
    priyanka singhania

  13. Hello Readers! Thank you everyone for participating. The winner has been chosen:-) Nayanika Bhatia! Congratulations!

  14. hi sweetie,
    please enter me on your awesome giveaway!
    i have followed your blog and like that fb page.
    GFC and Facebook name: dian ajeng maharani
    i hope this giveaway open internationally!
    i love your blog because you are write everything honestly from your heart. and you have a great sense of fashion. you inspire me on what i should wear for my daily outfit! and all that i can say is you are adorable!

  15. oh dear i just cant stop commenting and hoping i will win this giveaway because i cant wait to make a blog post with this awesome bag!!!