Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Breaking the Winter Laws!

Hello Lovely people! How is the week going for you? Well quiet not interesting for me, the work schedule is a little unorganized for now, hopefully will be settled from the coming week. I am bored, but I am glad about it as the weather is playing major kinds of drama and I refuse to be up. So, I am quiet enjoying sitting near the fire place, sipping hot coffee in my favourite mug, tossing around in my comforter, hooking to the television screen and thinking about a few people (though can’t practice it for long). Well, no no not missing a particular set of people and thinking types but just generally of how people can take advantage of someone being good. I fail to understand, just because you are really humble and say sorry or agree to their thoughts doesn't mean they are superior and have the liberty and power to act dominant. I am sorry, but I feel quiet pity for people like you. Anyways, did I mention it’s one of my best friend’s wedding in 3 days and all of us are hoping the weather to be humble enough. Can you believe I am still deciding on the outfit. Well, coming to outfit from today I was too tired of the same weather, same story, bulky overcoats and I decided to break down the fear of chilly winters by adding a spark and a little summer effect to my outfit and walk down. So, here by choice I rifted away the winter laws of wearing black, grey's and brown's. Well, in case you think that I don't like theses colors let me be clear, I am more of a brown person but really, I am tired for now ;-) So, have a look at the other side of winter today.   

 I am wearing: 
Over sized Sweater - Vero Moda
Leggings & shorts - H&M
Boots - New Look
Clutch - Local Market

And I am ready to shine with the bling of Golden, the warmth of Red and free from bulkiness of overcoats. I did not really feel the need of accessorize with this outfit. What do you guys think of it? Well, personally I totally adore the big bow made on right shoulder of the cardigan. 

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  1. Some people can be really stupid and selfish!
    Love your boots girl!


  2. loved ur Over sized Sweater, nice colour too. Loved the bow in that.

  3. really cute, the clutch makes it fun!!

  4. Very cute! In love with every piece of that outfit!

  5. Goood look!:)