Tuesday, 3 January 2012

And I am back with a Bang!

Happy New Year to all the gorgeous people there. I know it's 3rd today but its' never too late! Hope you all had a wonderful start for 2012. I had an extreme good one too;-) Yes, I know I had disappear into the woods and there was not a sign of me. I was quiet trying to manage and sort out my life mentally and health wise. But now, that I am back I shall give you regular updates and no complaints. I am sure with the start of a new year and a new beginning many of us have Resolutions. Well, in my case I have a few To Do things too for 2012 and may be for coming years. The first one being, Focus and getting a little more serious towards my career. Past a year due to sudden and casual things happening in my life I have let my career go very casually. So, as the realization knocks I need to sit back and play it carefully. The second being Good health. 2011 has made me struggle more than a little and made me run down the Doctor's chamber every month, therefore I have decided to take enough healthy precautions this year and away from all miseries. Well the last one, is to keep up the positive energy and have faith. I have been practicing the last advice since a few months, and I can definitely see a better and more successful person in myself. Ok ok, enough of speech on morality and being good. Also, how can I not mention this year I would give my best to entertain you readers with much regular and not so usual posts.
So, coming to post it's about a Sunday Brunch. Brunch with loved ones, few friends and acquaintances. The whole afternoon started with quiet a formal seating and conversation which in  few minutes landed to much comfortable environment and a few hours later, it turned into an absolute Mad Hatters. Well, IMFL sure does wonders;-)  well, for the occasion picking up the right clothing was very important. Getting dressed would have been a little more dramatic and going plain would have been boring, while I was staring at my luggage with a confused and blank expression my leather jacket gave a shout to me and as I thought it made my day perfect!
There are few pictures below but please excuse me for this last time for poor quality of pictures due to bad lighting and camera!

As, there year starts I am sure everyone of us have a new Avatar and a new beginning. As, I mentioned earlier this year I will be up with much promising posts and not segmented to one line of product but a varied course of topics and forums.Excited? I am! Well, with this Happy New Year once again, stay warm and keep up the positive energy.


  1. Hope u keep ur resolutions!! Lol best of luck.

  2. Love those pants, although I'm not sure I could pull them off quite like you do.

    xo erica

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  4. amazing pants, nice.... following you now, I hope you will follow back.

  5. Thankyou Guys! And welcome to Pen Twister.