Thursday, 26 January 2012

Review : Simmer Powder brush from VICTORIA JACKSON!

I have been using this little powder brush thing over almost a year now and I simply love it. I just ordered another one so thought should review it! It comes in two shades bronze and baby pink. The best part is the design, the brush deposits the right amount of simmer and is just not messy. The simmer brush is so handy that it fits right in your little purse and you are ready to carry it without a hassle serving the purpose! I totally love this product and apply almost everyday! A little sweep to the cheek and you are ready to walk down on a day light, also just a little more of it and you all set to dazzle for the glamorous night. The powder brush is quiet multi - functional, it not only gives glow to your cheekbones but you can definitely help your collar bone, shoulders to shine. Well the most important part, the brush is very soft and there no chances to get a scar or rough finish!
How to use it:
Remove the cap, Lower the plastic brush protector and allow the brush to breathe;-)

Hold upright and brush against your skin. Do not give a hard brushing, it will leave too much simmer. Apply gently and check according to your taste and desire.

Once, finished move the plastic protector upwards and replace the cap.

well, there is one more trick! you can also remove the cap from the bottom. you can use the pigment sort of stuff how you want to. I used it as a eye shadow. It looks great!

I think its an amazing collection to your makeup pouch specially for the all the ladies who like to add the shimmery touch to your makeup. It's a must have then!!
So, ladies are you ready to let your face glow and body to shine? The product absolutely worked for me though:-)
Do leave your feedback!
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  1. A video with the work out would be more impressive. I am not much of a shimmer person. I like to keep a matt finish. I love the silver pinch applied near eyes as done by Serena in gossip girl. Do let me know how could that be done, what brush to use and which product.

    1. Hey Nidz! Will definitely do something on matt finish! Till then keep reading!

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