Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sunshine Effect!

When things go finally the way you want, the perfect Job, Festive mood, joy of about to see your loved ones and lots of laughter. Suddenly the door is knocked, lazily I move down of my warm cozy bed and guess what? Who is it, oops sorry not who but what? Yes, Thundering chilly wind with a bit of rain and in course of time snow flakes. It's getting cold and colder everyday, the temperature is getting into minus slowly. I wonder what would coming months be like. Trench coats, calf boots woolen caps are all out and when I look into my wardrobe I want to wear all those bright summer clothes and walk down the garden. Mother Nature heard me. Yay:-) Sun smiled at me while I traveled to a city few hours away from my home. With the cool breeze passing by, I thoroughly enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Can't wait to go to siliguri tomorrow   (small city in West Bengal) and relax under the sun, though I am still shaking of this trip as have a Dental appointment. Anyways coming back as I mentioned walking down the garden was my fantasy at this point of year with bright clothes in, I did manage to wear one of them and not the garden of course but walked down the street, free without the bulkiness of heavy cardigans and coats:-)  I wore a floral dress from local boutique here with my belt from zara which is my savior most of the times, to compliment it I added the shoes from Charles and Keith and the perfect bag which was gifted by B.F.F. (Thankyou, the pictures are clicked keeping in mind, you asked me to pose wit the bag :-)).

Well, don't misunderstand me as I am complaining about the cold and the falling temperature, because I prefer winters more than summer. But there are times, when you are too bugged and exhausted of the same climate and then you need a pinch of sunshine. Also, why I like the wintery sun effect (I hope you got it, hahahahahah) is the joy of eating oranges :-) Sadly, its very cold today so no oranges but some hot coffee and warm atmosphere. Enjoy the weather guys, and don't forget to be warm!


  1. Your dress is so adorable! And I love your bag <3
    I'm following you too, dear. Your blog is awesome.
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  2. Great blog, want to follow each other :) ?

  3. short dress n chilling weather.... deadly combination!!;) really naice write up..

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  5. love your little boots!
    xx the cookies
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  6. hey!
    thnk you for visiting my blog!
    ur outfit is so summery!!!

  7. amazing!! love it :)


  8. Thankyou everyone:-)
    Your feedback is much appreciated!

  9. This look is so freggin gorgeous. I want the dress the shoes n the bag. where u from. i wish u were my best friend, You would have been my fav shoppin partner.

  10. Ok.. i had to take a second look at your pic,, now i want the necklace and ur bracelet too ;)

    1. Thank you Nikki! I am really flattered!

  11. lovely attire. looks comfortable too. good job there :)
    love especially the boots! :)