Friday, 16 September 2011

Thoughts and more!

Woh! I am back quiet early this time. The rise of new thought you see, and the music flows (such a drama queen)! The weekend has almost begun and I am sure all of you must be wrapped up with plans, trips and things to go on. I have mine too, sadly not as interesting as yours but planning to meet few people and act mature. "Act Mature" well what do I mean, I have been thinking about few things quiet lately. About life, violence, love and things accompanied with it! I have understood, two important things that is the balance of life and other being two individual can never have same temperament. There are people in our lives, we love, we don't like, few intolerable and few can die for.
My thought here is, Can we all not try and make a sincere effort to feel positive and like things and people around us. I know it can get quiet difficult knowing that you cannot, may be flashing back the old memories or a personal touch ;-) or you just don't want to. There are and can be multiple reasons to not be humble to an individual but why do we forget, things sooner or later will have come to an end for all of us. It's depressing I know, but is the biggest truth of life. Tomorrow is quiet uncertain, don't make your relations uncertain. Out of a personal experience I have realized at the end all you have to live is with memories. If it is that, don't you all think living everyday with violent and regretful sight of collection of an individual would make you happy?
This weekend I am meeting all my loved and not so loved ones, and building up the courage to say Either I am sorry and I am up for a new start or say I love you :-) Are, you all thinking about it too. I felt good and hoping you will too. I don't want for myself to be haunted and regret all my life why did I not made a first attempt or thinking all my life was I not worth enough to be someone's dear. After all a great man once told me  one would speak, behave and react  in the boundaries of knowledge he or she possess. Moral, you cannot change someone's attitude but the best is not to react and smile and love! Also, no offence but a piece of advice  for all who thinks its not worth and reacts to every situation - "Always love the dumb".
I want to live my life with good memories from every corner, with sense of respect and with no thoughts of evil, envy and hatred! Life is short, don't make it shorter! Live and laugh with every individual you know! Don't you think it quiet matches the phrase " Har ek Insaan jarrori hota hai" hahahaha!
Please ask this lady to stop, I know I realized! And I zip up with my moral thoughts! Oh, are you all not freaking out of the rising of prices. It's killing me and many like me. The Budget Guru has left the common man with the failure in managing their personal budget. Seems like now the government has no means of Income (Thank you to the common man lord "Anna") the government will now build and progress their future with theses strategy and subsidies! God help us!
I have said enough today hoping few of you will take things into consideration! Take care and Be safe:-)

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  1. It is nice to see you all positive. It is well dressed as "acha sochoge to acha hi hoga" i never believed in this line but sooner or later life came up with so many moments which made me realise that yes staying positive kills negative.
    May be we are 100% sure that something wrong is gonna happen but thinking it can be right will reduce the 100% to 95% won't it???