Sunday, 27 January 2013

Black Dog 12 - Out of Memory Lane

The festival of Lohri takes me to a flashback of my schooldays in Haryana, ages it has been since I have danced around the bonfire and danced to the Punjabi tunes. I miss the smell of soil, the chilly winter, the warmth of the fire and Patiala in my hand. This year on the occasion of Lohri I decided to get at least one essence of the festival to the town. So, Me and few close friends gathered around hopping to the bhangra beats and Black Dog 12 year in our hands.

 I am not a whisky person, but occasionally yes! And a festival like lohri definitely demands a good scotch. Being in Scotland for a few years has got me closer to the breed and got me to appreciate my love for Black Dog. Unlike other brands black Dog does not pinch down the throat and gives a very settled and soothing taste. It makes you want to enjoy the night more, gives a very relaxed feeling while making you a master with every sip you take in. And most importantly, it drives away  the January cold breeze and gives you warmth (much required). 

 Like the picture above, the packaging itself gives a  very royal touch. It continues to give that royal message of being there with its superior taste of finest malt and fruity sweetness.  
I would like to thank Ginger claps for giving me an opportunity to write about this gorgeous drink. Pure Love. pure Scotch!
  I think I now have a great idea. The idea of patiala round of glasses before hitting on the dance floor and gorgeous food over the weekends and making another night memorable with Black dog and it's essence with it's flavorful cask's aroma. 


  1. Pardon me because I have limited knowledge on this subject, but I am glad you finally got to celebrate Lohri...and that too in full Punjabi style :) Shall look forward to the pictures :) :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :)

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