Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fancy Monsoon!!!

Monsoon alongside Beaches. Sounds Blissful right. I did have such a moment and I wanted to capture it forever. 

Goa has always been a favourite destination for most of us, despite of our indefinite visit. For me, Goa is a destination that cannot be compared and has it's own charm. This was my third visit and I completely felt in love with Goa all over again. 

I purposely chose to visit the place during Rainy season. Most of the people who knew about my travel plan flushed with the same question, "Why Now? Goa will be dead at this time, no shacks and no water activities will be opened". But maybe I didn't want anyone of them. We have seen and experienced the peak season in Goa with lights, music and people but how it would have been with lonely sand, powerful waves, pouring clouds and empty streets was in my mind. And more than that, I was prepared for all of it, as I wanted a complete laid back and relaxed time.
Knowing the place and having belief in my hospitality information, I knew the place would surprise me again. And that is what exactly happened. 

Coming to the outfit, all that I carried was fancy crop tops, and those little shorts.

Oh! well the highlight of the outfit - Printed Umbrella was absolutely random. While we were travelling to Anjuna, it started pouring heavily and thanks to those little shops, this pretty thing happened and added a lot of fun to the outfit. 

What I wore on 1st day: 
Crop Top - Bangkok
Shorts - New look
Umbrella - Goa (Street shop in Anjuna)

I stayed in Candolim in Silver Sand Holiday Village. The place was calm and quite with personal cottages. Candolim is suitable for all kinds of crowd, away from the commercialised beaches and is not too far from, popular Baga and Anjuna. 

These were the cottages allotted to us. The best part about them is the open personal area with sitting arrangements. 

Hope these pictures were enough for you to plan your vacation soon. If not, there is soon another post coming up on the same. 


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