Saturday, 2 June 2012

Date Night.

So the most awaited, most exciting and one of the best vacation gets over with this post. Day 3, when there was a little drama in the air. The day went quiet well, loitering around places and exploring things. Coming to the end of the day we knew what would make the last part of the trip memorable,  Schezwan court located in The Oberoi Bangalore. Heavenly place for the Chinese lovers, I feel blessed that I am associated with place not as a customer but as part of the team. While we got dressed for the perfect date and the perfect place, the unfortunate knocked us. We just couldn't go of some random reason. Major disappointment.

While I got dressed: The stripe dress picked from Forever New is gorgeous! Felt in love of it's sheerness and bold stripes. The color combination is perfect for the weather, easy to carry and looks perfect for a Sunday fun brunch and even for a Formal dinner. Being stripes one of the Hero of the season, here's me flaunting in them!
Dress: Forever new
Clutch: Gifted
Necklace: Forever New
Shoes: Thrifted

Because, the night couldn't have been left with this sour experience of not being able to visit Schezwan Court, we decided to go to Olive Beach located in Ashoknagar Bangalore serving Mediterranean and European Cuisine. Nothing of course could have replaced the excitement of going to Schezwan Court , but trust me this place called Olive Beach definitely turned me into a happy person again. We decided to take a table outside, what a majestic ambiance I must say. Those huge blue gate welcoming us, florescent pretty light from the candles, white pebble pathway and those small pools definitely makes the place a beauty. A place perfect for those romantic dinners, for a date and a place that was beyond perfect for that particular evening:)

If ever I had to rate this place I would give it a Pure 10 for it's ambiance, coming to the pricing part it's little heavy on your pocket. I guess it's worth the place. On the other hand, Food is good, really good but we do have better places in Bangalore serving some amazing and toothsome flavors at this price or even lower. Well, my personal experience says I would not visit this place if it's only for food. But, would definitely want to go for it's ambiance, much relaxed atmosphere and it's beauty.
While we entered the place, we were served with some great breads and dips.

Coming to my drink, I loved something called Grey Goose Watermelon Martini. And, Oh it was beautiful. Perfect blend of vodka and watermelon. Man, it was quiet heavy;)
Absolutely loved how they had put the pieces of fresh watermelon into the drink making it more fun!

For the starters, we were thrilled and excited to try Olive's Signature called Nine. Consisted of nine yummylicious Mediterranean dips with assorted crackers! Salasa, hummus, and guacamole being my favorite. Just couldn't get enough of those dips!
Yes, that huge boat is what we were served. Looks great, doesn't it?

Coming to the main course, I ordered Chicken Tagine which was good but expected it to be more moist and flavorful. While he ordered Almond Crusted King Fish served with mash potato. Fish was delicate and cooked gently, apart the almond crust did not go well with the sauce and the fish.

And the best part of meal was Home baked Cheese cake:) with compote of wild berries. Needless to say, how heavenly and scrumptious it was. With both silkiness and characteristic texture, it was dense, smooth and delicate. It was beautiful.

 A few pictures of me. Not that, there aren't any in the post ;)

So, with this the 3 days of immense fun and laughter came to an end. I recon I am still living on the memories of those golden days! Hope, these days to be back soon!
Oh! Those days are already here, Yes parents along with siblings coming to visit me in another 10 days. Couldn't ask for anything more.
Have a lovely weekend guys!!!

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  1. Love the food photography!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  2. Love the dress!! Romantic date night!!


  3. you look super flirty and romantique!
    I love your shoes too

  4. That dress is so pretty, Nikita, and love the necklace !! You look fab!! Trust me, all that food made me hungry again, and guess what its lunch/brunch time here. Yesterday our date night was in an Italian joint!

    1. Thank you Juneli!
      Hope you had a great time.

  5. Lovely pic Niki. Necklace goes so much with ur dress :)

  6. Looks great..u enjoyed your trip so much :0 Super cute look in ur pink dress.

  7. This dress and necklace look so beautiful on you!

  8. 1st I am loving your dress.
    2nd I am loving your statement neck piece
    3rd I am loving your drink (gosh such a huge watermelon chunk) :p
    4th Thank you so much for stopping by on my blog. Well we did have lots of fun.Which city do you belong to? :)

    P.s. there is a giveaway going on my blog. If you love pampering yourself, drop in your entry ;)


    1. Thank you so much Apurva! It's great to receive feedback from you:)
      The drink was indeed amazing and I loved it too!
      I have recently shifted to Bangalore, been a couple of months. And would definitely participate for the Giveaway! The products from Aloe Veda looks great!

  9. u look so nice in the last two pictures! loving the dress and necklace

    1. Thank you!
      Coming that from you, really means a lot:)

  10. You look so cute in these lovely pics !! Can't believe those shoes are thrifted :)

    Enter Giveaway

    1. Thank you!
      And those shoes are purely thrifted:)

  11. ooh what a lovely dress! And I think I saw that necklace at Forever new, always thought it was really pretty ^_^ look at all the yummy food as well, definitely seems like you had an awesome night!

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

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    U follow me in instagram -txs for that and that prompted me to chck ur blog :)
    lovely blog and stay in touch
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  13. BEautiful dress and accessories! The food looks yummy too! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  15. update kar, its more than half a month since u updated :)

  16. looks like a great day! :)::)
    your outfit is gorgeous!