Thursday, 5 July 2012

Four Seasons!

A typical Indian mindset likes to enjoy a drink with a few munchies around the table, or in fact most of us here think having a glass of that fancy wine is only meant for special occasions and acquired by fancy places. Also, the strong and dry taste and tannin present in many wines stop us to get accustomed to it. To revoke this idea four seasons brought the perfect blend of wine and food to our taste buds. Today’s post is about an invitation I received from Four Seasons Wines - UB Group asking me to join the Food and Wine pairing awareness and promotion Programme.
Four Seasons, the wine range from the very reputed UB group joined hands with Lalit Ashok Bangalore to bring forward the food and wine accompaniments that turned the mere presence of wine on a table to a whole new level. The Four Seasons selection of light bodied low alcohol wines just blew me away. Four Seasons did the magic for me and I guess, it will do the trick for most of you. 

 Four Seasons: Starting the business now for 6 years, Four Seasons represents the best impression of Indian wine today. After all, it has received highest number of awards for Indian winery.
My Love for wine: I have been a wine lover, from the time I tasted Pinot Grigio while my stay in U.K. Since then wine has been incorporated in my lifestyle. I did try to acquire taste of other wines, but nothing fitted into my taste 
buds, unless Four Seasons happened to me. Perfect for every season  - Four Season.

The Man behind the magic - Mr. Abhay Kewadkar . business head and chief wine maker of UB Group, one of the most accomplished winemakers of the country, enlightened me about the same. It was an honor and an opportunity to meet him. 

Mr. Abhay kawedkar - Chief Head

Chef Nimish Bhatia – (Regional Executive Chef, South – Lalit Ashoka), who has spread the magic of food all across since 15 years.  A man whose favorite cuisine is “world cuisine” and says, for him food is a reason to celebrate. I consider myself fortunate enough to taste his delicacies. The Chef was kind enough to walk me through the basic knowledge on how to choose your wine depending on the food you are eating. He briefed me well, about the food and wine pairing and how every glass of wine with correct food can be an experience in its self. The man had immense knowledge and brought forward the most exclusive and scrumptious range of appetizers mains and desserts with the Four Seasons Blush, Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz present.

A few of the delicacies by Chef.

Whilst all of the above was happening, I was enjoying my glass of Blush in my Jumpsuit from next perfectly paired with a necklace from Pramod, Cuff from Mango and sandals which I happened to pick from a local boutique in Gangtok.

I was overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge I received, and was so impressed by the taste and aroma of each of their wines. I would now pair my food depending upon the “Four Seasons wine” I want to bring to my table rather than choosing my wine on the basis of the food I want to eat!

The location chosen for the event was gorgeous, Baluchi – The Lalit Ashoka. The open seating, with breezy weather, laughs and conversations, world class food and the gorgeous wine definitely made the evening a memorable one. 

In the end, I would like to Thank Four seasons team for letting me be a part of this prestigious event and experience the same. Also would like to thank Mr. Akshay Gopal for the invitation and the co – ordination. 

I would like to convey special Thanks to Mr. Adtnu Tiwari ( Brand Manager – Wines, UB group) and Mr. Paul for a lovely evening and truly an amazing company. And of course, the evening could not have been fun and better without these wonderful people and bloggers Mr, Prateek Thakker, Mr. Neerav Thakker, Ms. Krithi Marla and Ms. Shalini Chopra. Thank you all for a wonderful evening and experience to be remembered. It was an honor meeting all of you. 

Mr. Adtnu Tiwari, Krithi and me.

In near future, I would like to visit, Four Seasons winery in Baramati district for a rich and much advanced knowledge and experience.
And, remember every glass of wine has a story and an experience in its self. So, go now discover your’s with, your glass of Four Season wine!!!

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  1. Hey Sweetie-wonderful post and glad to meet you and know u bit better :)
    Yo !!

    1. Same here Krithi!
      It was my pleasure to meet you!

  2. Wow ! Love the passion that you have added to this post . :) Every word depicts your love for food, wine and the yearning to learn :) Proud !

    1. Thank you so much Bahtiajee.
      Love you!

  3. I love the neck piece! The jump suit too!

  4. Loved your outfits Nikita :) !! Those accessories are to die for !

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