Thursday, 3 October 2013

Travel Dairies - Part 1

I know it took me a long time, but as promised I am here with a fun post. The post will be in 3parts.I promise it wouldn't be boring.
The post is about the recent holiday I had. Holiday that has changed me as a person and has rejuvenated my soul. A holiday to Valley of Gods. With the backpacks ready a group of 5, started from Delhi without a clue of the agenda and itenary. The initial plan was to reach Ladakh but due to time constrains and a few unusual activities we could not reach our desired destination. Hence, we decided to cover most of non - commercialized places that falls in Manali Ladakh Highway.
 Our first destination was Manali .We took a Volvo from Delhi on 08th September evening and reached  Manali on 09th Morning. The journey overall was quite an adventure and full of insanity amongst the group of 5. On arrival, Manali was not what be expected, it was strangely warm and the view was not very fascinating. Well, I am making that statement because I myself belong to one of the most pretty hill stations "Sikkim". Manali is said to be an ancient trade route of Ladakh, what we noticed later in the trip was Manali not only was a trade route to Ladakh but every small, big town, village around was dependent on Manali for every little thing, be it grocery, medicines, clothes, poultry, vessels etc. 
Being born in Himalayas we have been surrounded by Valleys, monasteries, mountains hence we refused to go for local sightseeing and agreed on doing some recreational activities and adventure sport like Biking, Paragliding etc. 
We did that stupidity of not visiting places thinking all hill stations are same, but you should not miss any bit of local sightseeing. There are beautiful structured ancient Tibetan monasteries, mountaineering institutes, valleys, temples and o’course the famous mall road. 

Travel & Distance - From Delhi Approximately 540 kms. Talking in terms of time it takes 10 – 14 hours depending upon the road conditions, stopovers and breaks.
You could also take a flight to Kullu, Manali is 40 kms away. Or train to Kalka or Chandigarh followed by booking a taxi incase you suffer from Motion Sickness.

Must Visit Places – Solang Valley – Activities like skiing, paragliding, and ropeway takes place.
Old Manali – Great place to Shop.
Eateries – Don’t miss the famous German Bakery, Freedom CafĂ© and Drifter’s Inn.
Vashisst hot spring, Club house, various temples and monasteries.

Have a look at a few pictures from Manali. 

I am in AIR!
View from the Cafe - Freedom Cafe.
View from Ropeway in Solang Valley
On the way
Water from Nehru Kund - Another must visit place. Mountain water at it's best.

This was all about Manali. Fascinating? Don't worry the trip has just begun.



  1. Looks like fun Nikita! I hope you had a great time!

    1. Yes I did! and the fun post are yet to come!!!

  2. Sounds good !! Manali is an awesome place to relax.

    1. Hey thanks Mukta! And Manali definitely a great place.

  3. Nice pics Nikki
    Good u r back in action