Thursday, 28 November 2013

Booties and Oversized piece.

There is the time, when I do not see any flowers around or any butterflies. The time of the year, where all the greenery has been faded and we are left with white peaks and dead leaves. The warmth and those sun rays have been replaced by chilly winds and snow thrills. The period when those gorgeous easy breezy dresses have been piled and knee length booties and oversized pieces are out.
Don’t get mistaken; I am not cribbing in here. As much summers have their own beauty and we all like to bask into it, winters is delightful too. Nothing can replace the smell of coffee, burning of woods, lightning of fireplace, cozy blankets, oranges, ear cuffs and fluffy mufflers.

The weather here is perfect for Knee length boots and oversized pieces. I have already started wearing them, but at the same time I am afraid how colder the coming months are going to be like.  Anyways, Knee length boots in different materials are everywhere this season. From runways to street style, everyone is been craving for one of them. And, why not? They make a statement in it’s self.  I have found my pair of lace up booties from Next, which makes me a rocker chic in that oversized sweat from the famous "A-J store". The best part about oversized pieces are, they have enough room proportions to let your warmers stuffed inside and keep you away from winter thrills yet, keep stylish.

So here’s my lace up Bootie and the gorgeous top. 

Boots – Next
Oversized top – A-J Store
Warmer – locally bought
Leggings – Lew Look
Hairband – Gangtok (Local Boutique)

My hands are getting numb and my hot chocolate is getting cold. I should now leave for the day, before I freeze here.
It’s getting freaking cold. You guys be warm and take care.

pen twister


  1. That's a cozy chic outfit :D
    I really like all the poses

    1. Thanks Mukta. I am glad you liked it!

  2. The boots are super nice!! I want!! Do you live in Gangtok?? I used to live in Siliguri for 4 years which is pretty close to it. Beautiful pictures!

  3. I know June. We discussed about our connection, once upon a time when I used to blog often!
    Where are u these days? And thanks!