Sunday, 1 December 2013

Travel and Consequences.

Travelling is an integral part of me. I love travelling as much as I love shopping. Offlate I have been travelling quite a bit, and looks like my list of visiting places before 30 is making some progress.
For me, Travelling is not about visiting beautiful cities, dining in fancy places, shopping but it's way beyod that. Being a part of Different Cultures and learning about them is one of the reason's I travel.
As I mentioned, I have been travelling too much off late and living out my dream. In the mean time, I have also realised that my skin has gone for a toss. Tanning, De - Hydration, black spots are few problems to name. But does that stop me from travelling? Hell no!
To deal with such issues, there are few simple steps I am following and I hope it gives me some results.
I have my Friend's Wedding to attend. Damn.

Daily Skin Care Steps:
1. Drinking Water throughout the day till my bladder hurts.
2. Applying mixture of honey and lemon juice on a daily basis. (Avoiding any kind of soap on face, during morning hours).
3. Applying Kaya's, much recommended anti tan gel followed by Sun's Cream.
4. Using Anti - Tan cream based soap from Lush to wash face before going to bed.
5. Followed by Application of Aloe vera Natural Gel on face.

Apart than the daily routiene, I have started to use home products as a part of facial pack rather than going to Salons. Honestly, tried doing all kinds of fancy and expensive treatments but nothing worked. Looks like Dried Orange Peels and gram flour are much superoir and definitely cheaper choices than those treatments.
I have not started to see any results yet, but hoping for some. Incase you guys have some suggestions, feel free to share.

 In the mean time, have a look at the pictures from my recent trip to "Spiti Valley". A destination that cannot be missed. Guys, speak to your Travel Agents, gather your backpacks and explore the beauty of this heavenly place.

On the way to Chandratal Lake from Manali

Mountain behind the gorgeous Chandratal Lake

Comic Village
Post Office built at Asai's highest Altitude point


These are just a few pictures. And I must tell you, pictures are just not doing justice to this pretty place.

So start planning up your next vacation guys, while I focus on some skin rejuvination tricks.

Be warm and have a great week ahead.

Pen Twister.


  1. Glad to have you back! That is a gorgeous place indeed!! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Thanks June! I am glad to be back too!

  3. Lovely post!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog :) If you want, we can follow each other on Bloglovin, let me know and I follow you back!