Monday, 30 December 2013

Welcoming 2014!

So what are you doing to welcome 2014? I am sure all you guys must be buzy essembling and creating an outfit for tomorrow. While a few may be planning an excuisite House Party. A few of you are far far away enjoying your vacation and a few, might be home with their tub of Popcorn and enjoying Fire Place with Family.
All of us definitely have some plan for tomorrow. Don't we? And why not? Theses are the Occassions you await throughout the year. I have plans too.
With the preprations happening, Resolutions are also being decided. Right? Well I have 2 Resolutions for 2014. Ftirst being, Find a job that makes me happy, And the second one is a little difficult, but I am going to try this - Go slow and Control on my Shopping emotions. To begin with, I am not picking up any new item for New Year's eve. Rather, I am trying to invent something fun and quirky with my old, beautiful pieces.

Woh! 2013 has also come to an end. The year has given me quite a bit of memories to hold. It has made me a year mature, understanding and stable. "2013" has introduced me to a few people who are just not friends, but I fear to loose them. And most importantly it has taught me to have belief and confidence in myself.
The year was full of up's and down, of Vacations and Thrills, of love and friendship. Let's hope 2014 has a lot more thrills, challenges and Vaccations!!!
Happy Advance New Year Guys! Have an awesome one. And don't forget to welcome 2014 in Style!!!

Last Outfit Post for 2013 (UnEdited)! An attempt to bring a few hot trends of 2013 together. Leather, Crop tops, Prints and Messy hair.
I hope you would enjoy the post as much I enjoyed doing it!

 Leather Jacket - Calvin klein
Pants - Vero Moda
Crop Top - Mango
Neckpiece - Thrifted - Pushkar (Rajasthan)
Shoes - Jaipur

Once have a Happy New Year Guys!!!!
Take care! Have Fun! 


  1. Whoa!! Loving your pants!!! <3
    I never realised that I don't follow your blog...but only follow you on Instagram! :P
    So, here I am!

    P.S.: Hoping to meet you when you come down to Kolkata! :D

  2. Totally love your pants... And I have the same necklace!!! :)
    Wish you a fabulous and awesome 2014 doll! :)
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  3. Came across your blog through instagram! Love your fashion sense. You look lovely in all the pictures!