Thursday, 6 February 2014

January Annals!

January 2014 did see a lot of ups and downs. It was a month full of excitement and anxiety. A month that made a few immature and impulsive decisions.
I don't regret any.

Being stupid, taking some bold decisions aren't always bad. At least in my case. Remember, my 1st New year resolution? Find a job that satisfies and interests me. And I can very proudly say I have given up the idea of being a successful Hotelier for now. Many in industry thinks I have gone nuts, while my parents think I have lost my patience level. My competitors think I am scared! But it's not important what they think, this one time I have decided to listen to my heart and explore the world I want to.

But, all good things are not served in same plate. Shifting to Kolkata has postponed for now, small trips will keep happening though.

Coming to outfit, it's an attempt to dress my newly gifted tailor made skirt. Kolkata had the right weather to let me happily swing in this pleated maxi skirt.
The fabric, print and the fit is no less than any textile fabric. 

Top - Brigade Road (Bangalore)
Skirt - Tailor Made (Gifted)
Shoes - Local Market (Gangtok)
Watch - Kenneth Cole

Have a good weekend guys!
Pen Twister


  1. You are not shifting to Kolkata permanently? *Silent sobs* Anyway, on a brighter note, maxis are my best friend too! Love how you have balanced the boho maxi with the edgy shoes!

    1. Thank you Soumi!
      And about not shifting to Kolkata, long story. Shall explain you.

  2. I am such a maxi girl! They're flowy, simple and stylish! Love the skirt! And about what you've written, it is so important to take a chance, to stop listening to people around you and do what you want! All the best with that babe!

    1. Thank you Sayantani. I need those wishes.