Monday, 10 February 2014


One whole month and not a single new buy. One of my Resolutions for 2014 is making some progress.
With the thought, I will be home from now for sometime. Winter Chills refuses to go, not like summers are 30 degrees. Throughout the year cardigans are must here, where as other cities do not need them after Februaray. Hence, piling up new clothes is a total waste. Agree? Unless, I am doing some fancy trips (Rolls eyes). 

 I am Re organising my wardrobe and giving my existing clothes a new dimension, twist and style. What is a Blogger without any ideas and experiments?  

Here's the first one. The post is from my recent visit to Kolkata

High waist pants - Bought in 2010 from Zara. Haven't worn them for a long long time.The pants were a little loose when initially bought them. They fit me so well now.
Note - I have gained and I love it!

Tank top - The tank was also bought in 2010 from River Island.
This piece has done full vasuli of its price. I have worn this tank a more than 1000 times.
And the quality remains intact. Love them.

Vest - Bought in 2011 from Gangtok (local shop). The piece that has earned highest no of compliments. You make me look nicer, every-time I wear you.

Shoes - Recent Purchase (2013, December) from The Closet Label. One of my and many other's favourite online shops. The metallic look gives an edge to the outfit and are super comfortable. Because I cannot wear them in Gangtok (weather issues) they have become by travel companion. 

Have a great week ahead guys! 
Pen Twister


  1. I'm in love with the entire look! Love the way you chose to pair this pant with black instead of the predictable white! And you know how I feel about the shoes. Full points for smart layering. Pure love!