Monday, 9 June 2014

It's Game Time!

Hello Football Maniacs. 3 days left for the big kickoff and the world is going crazy already, therefore I decided to get into the groove and join the madness.  
With enough enthusiasm people have already booked their seats in their favourite sports club and the betting has already begun. 
12th June 2014, the opening between Brazil and Croatia could be a snoozer, because world ranking No.3 (Brazil) is taking on No.18. (Croatia). But, you never know.  
Coming to whom I believe in this Football season is "Germany". 

I have found myself the perfect Jersey for the season! To add X factor to it, my pink Blazer adds that  spunk required and makes me all set for the Game.

So all you Football lovers, Grab a Bud and stick to the couch.

May the Best Team win. Cheers!!!

Pen Twister.


  1. Yes!! Game season! I'm all for Argentina!! Yayy!!
    And that jersey is so perfect! :)

    P.S.: Have a good holiday! Enjoy!!

  2. Spoiler alert-I'm not into sports much but I've always wanted to watch a match with my respective boyfriend(s) wearing an over-sized jersey and denim shorts and downing a beer every fifteen minutes. You know what's more fun? Doing it with all yo sexy girls! To girl power! <3

  3. I am not in to foot ball.. lovely outfit :)