Thursday, 22 May 2014

Felling Vintage!!!

My love for fabrics and tailor made outfits cannot be replaced by any Brand or readymade garments. Going to market and getting lost in finding of that perfect colour, shade and print has always fascinated me. More than the fabric, the thought process that is involved in designing a dress is what I like. No! No! I am not a designer, just like to play around.
Similarly while in search of a good piece of cloth, this beautiful classic ditched print grabbed my eyes and definitely became Pen Twister's eye candy for the season. 
I wanted to give the vintage shade a classic silhouette. After going through 80's lookbooks and now that Button down dresses are here for a rerun, I decided to get one for my self with pleats by drop down waist. 

With a little nervousness of how the dress would look like (you can't trust the tailors here) my final product arrived and I danced with joy (literally). The cuts, the fit, the pattern was all in place and fitted me like a charm. 

If you have been reading my posts you will notice, I am not too big on accessories. I know they are the nut to your Ice - cream but I prefer to be minimal. For one of the afternoon siestas, I did let the simple element of the dress to take the limelight and create a winning look for me. And, the glam quotient of the vintage inspired dress definitely rose with those silver shoes.
This Summer as mentioned, I am going beyond my comfort zone and reaching out to newer avenues of styling. 

What I wore:
Button Down Dress - Tailor Made
Shoes - The Closet Label
Bag - Mango (Borrowed)

What do you think my Vintage Glam?

Do leave your feedback below and have  a great Weekend ahead.

Pen Twister.


  1. I love Vintage dressing!! It's an amazing vintage dress...perfect for summers!! :)

  2. I LOVED this dress the first day I met you!!! <3

  3. Hi Nikita
    you look lovely, and yes i agree to you tailor made clothes are much far better than ready-made garments :)
    Just came to know from Mr Hubby (Rakesh Ranjan) that you guys know each other.
    Hope we can be friends as well :) <3
    Already following you in Fb via -

  4. Love your outfit.. It is just too perfect for summers..

  5. nice dress :)

  6. Vintage is an excuse I started using to avoid feeling bad for my empty wallet and fell in love with instead.

  7. Vintage is an excuse I started using to avoid feeling bad for my empty wallet and fell in love with instead.