Monday, 12 May 2014

Embracing the New.

Despite of Gangtok being one of the most fashionable city, I have always been hesitant to Dress - up. Hesitant of various reasons. But there wasn't any more akwardness when one of my favourite online shops "Ana's Closet" send me this standout, feminine, refreshing and ultra chic envelope clutch and asked me to review them. The piece is pretty much a statement, adding drama with neon bling.
There is a sense of joy and satisfaction you receive when you write about the brands you like, and when it comes to such pretty things in life, happiness reaches to new heights.

Gone are the days when only one or two premium brands ruled the roosters, there are numerous number of brands coming up everyday with new products, skills and strategies. The mercury of talented designers is rising up everyday with great focus and energy. 
similarly 3 talented MBA students / friends turned designers worked their magic on Ana's closet with incredible line of produce. The brand deals with Bags, Jewellery and scarves. To give an insight their main focus and integrity lies on their product "Bags" (envelope and clutch boxes). They manufacture each piece of bag by themselves so that they can track the quality of every produce.
The kind of effort and soul these ladies put in their work gives their product a timeless finish. 
It's rightly said when group of strong, dedicated and beautiful women come together the have plenty of interesting things to offer on the table. 

Those intricalety embroidered and exquisite jaw dropping bags, redefines the chic. Also, their new collection in soft hues and blazing colours adds warmth and makes your wardrobe summer ready and sets a fantasy mood.

I personally love every single piece created by these lovely ladies, who have divided their work as such.
Aneeysha -  Takes care of Designing and manufacturing house in Delhi.
Nupur - Takes care of sales and marketing in Nepal.
Akanksha - Takes care of Sales and marketing in India.

I hope you can now understand why the Brand is named - "Ana's closet". Still guessing? (No brownie points for guessing though).
The brand is active in India and Nepal and works it's business from both the countries.

Outfit Details:
Bag : Courtesy - Ana's Closet
Crop Jacket - Gangtok
Trousers - Zara
Shoes - Zubiya

We believe the ladies with niche' idea will take the brand to a new platform. We wish them all the best and congratulations for completing 1 year next month.

You can follow Ana's closet for regular updates on New arrivals here:

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Have a lovely week ahead people and don't forget to look through excuisite products by Ana's closet.

Pen twister.


  1. Love the look! Specially the bag & the cute shoes!!! <3

  2. Love it nikita
    you have got style babes :)