Sunday, 30 March 2014

Vespa Yourself!

Just when I was thinking of an appropriate topic for the post, I found this perfect topic from T2 (Telegrapgh) of last week. How fun and adventerous does it sound. Right?
Coming to the post, I have been a great fan of Graphic Tees. They are quite a statement in it's self. No add on accessories are required to complete the look, once you are Graphitized. They are Fun, Edgy and Retro.
Over time they have been quite a hit all over. From Runways to streetstyle and from Desk to Dinner. It has proved itself to be a good companion of your Boyfriend Jeans , while it pairs fabulously with your pencil skirt and skinnies giving it a cosmo look.
For me Graphic Tees not only bring comfort but adds a "Sense of Joy".

Presenting you my Vespa inspired Tee. Because I can't ride one, does not mean I can't own one.
Un Edited!

Outfit Details:
Graphic Tshirt - Gangtok (local market)
Dress worn as Skirt - Only
White Boots - Gangtok (local market) 
Watch - Fastrack

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Have a great Week ahead and be Graphitized.

Pen Twister


  1. Gorgeous is the word.. Much love

  2. Dressing up tee is something I'm not good at. So, I tend to avoid tees other than while going to gym and dance classes. But you look adorable, love!

    1. Thanks gorgeous. I am glad you liked it.

  3. It is a fab tee for sure!!!

    1. It definitely is. And I am a great fan of Graphic Print tees.

  4. Really like this graphic tee. What a fun fashion find! And I like how you paired it with a black skirt and sneakers. Very retro and chic!


  5. eeeeeee :D cute Tee

    Thank you for stopping by

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  6. Wow....I am in love with that tee...fabulous found!!!