Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Summer Affair

What are Summers without Beaches and and Sun kissed cocktails. I say summers would be dull without those Refreshing water rides and Straw hats.
You know what I mean. I mean Summers are an incomplete affair, if you don't plan a Beach vacation.
So plan one. If you can't, then bring the beach to you. Yes, I can't and I did bring it to me.
You don't believe? Have a look.

Summers are all about feeling light and being happy. It's about a walk along the blooming flowers and Popsicles. It's about those airy cotton skirts, that lets you breathe and makes you look pretty.

I would agree when you say, they are harmful and painful. I would also totally agree to the fact, that they leave you with tanned skin and those ugly pimples. I suffer them. And I don't worry any. The more stress you take, it gets worsened. So embrace it and shine this summer.

Nevertheless, there are a few tips I am following this summer, to stay hydrated, stress free and happy.  I would recommend you to do the same.

1. Drink plentiful water. At least 2 liters a day.
2. Never walkout without applying sunblock.
3. Go minimal and makeup free
4. Have carrot juice at least twice a week. It's anti oxidant formula acts as a natural Sun block. Do not consume it in excess though, it leads to skin turning yellow.
5. Avoid wearing heavy material clothing. Invest in skirts, cotton trousers and clothes with roomy proportions.

I am going to flaunt myself this summer in those gorgeous skirts with bright hues, prints, edgy dimension and easy breezy feel.
After all, It's all about feeling light this Summer.

You guys have a lovely Sunday. And don't forget, to share your tips for healthy and glowing Summer 2014.

Pen Twister


  1. I have said it before...I'm saying it now....TOTALLY loving that skirt!!! <3 <3 <3
    I have been planning to get a midi skirt for myself (as it's so much an IN silhouette this season)...but I have been apprehensive as to how the silhouette will suit my body type...! :(

  2. Yeah.. Pretty much speaks about how summers gonna be this year.. Love the oufit.. And you look amazing. I always say that.. Hehe.. :)
    Happy summer... :)

  3. Summer is all about "being happy"???????? Girl, you are NOT experiencing Summer, it's Spring! I hate Summer! However, the dream that makes me survive it every year is "Yes! I'm going to have this late afternoon high tea with girls where we'd be sitting by the pool, sipping cocktails, wearing pretty pastel maxis with neon pops and tribal jewelries and Raybans and nude gladiators and gossiping about everything under the sun FINALLY THIS YEAR!" It never happens but the hope keeps me alive. Coming back to your outfit, you know I love every bit of it! The easy breezy shirt and the pretty skirt make ME feel at least two degrees less hot and humid, you know! :-D